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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Spiritual awakening blog for Truth Seekers and Heart Explorers

Welcome to the online home of the Moondancing Soul Letter

For ten years, I created Moondancing as I explored my own heart.

In 2018, I published a memoir Back to the Water: my explorations on being an empath, the sensitive "odd duck" in my family. And I sent out my last "real time" Moondancing issue, marking the end of a rich creative cycle in my life.

Today, I'm on to other creative adventures! But here's the thing. Time is fluid. So whenever you stumble upon Moondancing, it will be the right time for you.

The two ways you can explore Moondancing

FIRST WAY: Go here to learn more about Moondancing and how you can receive the "best of" issues once a week (like a gentle whisper from your soul).

SECOND WAY: Close your eyes and ask to be shown the issue that would be most helpful to you today. Scroll down. Stop when it feels right. Read that issue.

Go ahead! Start Moondancing below...

Spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

This section of my spiritual awakening blog is a collection of articles that help you recognize your own awakening signs and symptoms.

It had been years
Honour your ebb and flow - READER FAVOURITE
Planning is different now
Do you have karma around being visible?
Is your heart awakening?
Overcoming night fear

Spiritual awakening and your relationships

Here are some articles about spiritual awakening awareness and how you changing may affect your relationships.

You're growing new roots
Trust they'll find their way - READER FAVOURITE
When someone dumps on you
Awakening when loved ones are not
Dismantle the power struggle
Break your love pattern

Spiritual soulmate relationships

Here are some Moondancing perspectives around spiritual soulmate relationships.

Proudly independent? Ways to make room for love - READER FAVOURITE
Soulmate secrets from the relationships around you

Art of following intuition

These Moondancing issues help you cultivate the art of following intuition.

Don't force it
Hold the space for truth - READER FAVOURITE
You know how it will end
Stop relying on your ears
Is it time to begin again?
Take care of what you have - READER FAVOURITE
Recognize soul signs
The art of making life-changing decisions
Is that person scary or safe?

Overcoming uncertainty

We're living in uncertain times, so here's some inspiration to help you with overcoming uncertainty (and thriving through it).

Got self-doubt? How to let it go... - READER FAVOURITE
Here’s what I missed
The worst decision you could make
This is your birthright (tap into it) - READER FAVOURITE
Living with uncertainty
The secret to happiness
Don't put this off

Reinventing your life and handling change

So often, change is a catalyst which inspires use to seek. So many issues of Moondancing include perspectives that help you grow through change.

The answer to your manifesting question
Pause to gather strength
Don’t fight this
You are part of the sea change - READER FAVOURITE
Red light or green light?
Without this, you won’t manifest your dreams
You are not off track (here’s why)
Is it time to leave?
Claim your fire!
Hold your heart steady
Be where there’s life - READER FAVOURITE
True soulmate story
What if there's more
Unlock your flow
Express what's inside, outside

Understanding the meaning of life

These Moondancing topics share true stories for those seeking to create an inspired, meaningful life.

If you know this, you have...
Did you hear? - READER FAVOURITE
It had been years
Don’t fight this
I wish you healing and happiness
You have a window of time
This is how the truth comes - READER FAVOURITE
Choose to receive
Reveal your purpose
Memories of Jen
This is more important than Love
It's there waiting

Shifting your perspective

When you're stuck and need to get un-stuck, these Moondancing issues will help shift you into a new way of being.

Your future is gathering
Respond with Ferocious Love!
Names divide you - READER FAVOURITE
Create something with your hands
I withdraw my consent! - READER FAVOURITE
Create a new tradition (this holiday)
Making the choice not to forgive: a fateful decision 20 years later
Re-thinking success
Do you have a beginners mind?
Is your life Still – or Stuck?

Hope you enjoyed my spiritual awakening blog – like your heart, it's expansive!

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