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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Stop relying on (just) your ears

Stop relying on just your ears

The greatest skill we can cultivate now this changing time is discernment.

Light from shadow.
Fear from love.
Truth from lies.

Sensing early...
The opportunities offering growth and expansion
... vs. those which will force growth through chaos.

Sensing early...
The lover who has something to offer us (and we them)
... vs. the one who’s seeking to fill themselves up
(because they are not whole on their own).

One way to activate the art of following intuition:
Stop relying on (just) your ears!

If you sense something is off – it is.
If your next action is unclear
...have the wisdom to do nothing.

There are golden opportunities now, rising all around you.
Old dusty doors too, returning for one last go.

You have the capacity within you to tell the difference.
... to stop the pendulum once and for all.

It’s true – you DO NOT have to go through that again!
But it’s up to you to say NO! NO! and (thank you) NO!

You’re being called to activate what's naturally within you.
It's right there! Part of you! Yours to claim!

But first! Stop relying on (just) your ears.

Listen to words... sense what’s underneath.
Discern with your mind…add your heart.
Feel with your skin.... sense with your being.
See the reality in front of you... use your imagination to dream!
Stop relying on (just) your ears.

Intuition is a skill you’re meant to have.
But if you rely heavily on your mind: how do you begin?

Here’s a hint: ask to re-connect!
Use nature as your assistant.
Sit outside and meditate, your feet on the grass.
Even better, immerse yourself in a body of water!

Nature is your ally through this shift.
She is a bridge to the natural laws
... that exist, waiting for you to discover them.

Start now! Begin with discernment.
The ability which will help you glide through!

Seek truths through nature.
Seek truths within yourself.

It’s time now (our time).
Stop relying on (just) your ears

Meaning of life poetry... for your heart.

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