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What is freedom? Look around you: it’s there waiting

“The last of human freedoms — the ability to chose one's attitude in a given set of cirumstances”
– Viktor E. Frankl

I have a number of core values that I use to guide my decisions. While priorities do shift now and then, there's one that's remained solid. That is: the desire for freedom.

Freedom is my core value, around which everything else is based. The freedom to do, or not do. My dream: the freedom to be.

My desire for freedom resides deep in my DNA. It didn't show itself until I was in my late teens, when I began to desire freedom from a relationship. I had the desire to spread my wings and explore. He had the desire to keep me where I was. So I rebelled... and we ended.

Fast forward to years later, where I experienced the same constriction while working in corporate. Back in 1999, a boutique consulting firm did a detailed personality assessment because they wanted someone who was a good fit. I learned that I prefer harmony, until my values are crossed. Does that resonate for some of you?

This report also said that if I felt my freedom was threatened, I'd become radical in response. (well, that explains a few things)

Now, my version of radical isn't that radical. Given complete freedom, I'm actually rather cautious. However, it's true. Whenever I feel my freedom isn't recognized, my heart rebels. I struggle against the chains. When I was younger, I expressed this by saying something to shock someone.

What the Aquarian age really means

You've probably heard, as part of humanity's “up-shift”, we're in the Aquarian age. We've been in it for many years, and since 2012 it's intensified. Perhaps you're aware: Aquarius is all about freedom.

Aquarius expresses in a number of ways. In one extreme, it can be disruptive, revolutionary, using violence to be free. Human rights, breaking free of governments or oppressive structures – this is one type of urge. Fuelled by the internet (which is also Aquarian), Aquarius is about the needs of the many.

On the other side, Aquarius joins with others to catalyze change. It's the visionary, the inventor, the scientist, the metaphysician. It's about ideas that are meant to change the world. It’s also about the claiming of what’s unique in our hearts.

Claiming the perspective of freedom

“There are two freedoms — the false, where a man is free to do what he likes; the true, where he is free to do what he ought. ”
– Charles Kingsley

Freedom is also a perspective. Indeed, how we view our life circumstances, and ponder our choices, determine whether or not we're truly free.

At this time in human history, the earth is being re-born. We're free to go with her — or not. If we do, we'll be called to live more closely to the vibration of Love. If we don't, that's fine too as there's no judgment about that.

However, unless one is dedicated totally to Self with no desire to explore love or give to others, this path may be a more difficult one. For unless someone is tyrannically dedicated to the path of Self, the soul will struggle against restriction. In rebellion, it may even orchestrate catalysts designed to bring us back to love.

The many faces of freedom

Within relationship, what is freedom? In its most literal form, Freedom may be the end of a relationship: sometimes this is right.

However, I think of the expression of freedom within a relationship has to do with being one's true self with another. To have one's own unique opinions and continue to respect one other.

For some, there might be a preference to explore possibilities outside the norm — together. It may be a non-traditional lifestyle, or way of living or raising your children. For freedom in this Aquarian age also calls us to look beyond traditional gender roles to what we feel is right for us.

When I was in corporate, I wanted to be free. Free from the 9 to 5, free from getting up every day, free to decide how I spend my time, freedom from the rules of bureaucracy which I did abide by, but felt were kind of silly.

Yet if someone else who's been doing the same job for 20 years, goes to work each day with expansion in their heart, this is freedom. On the flip side, if someone goes to work each day feeling trapped, fearing outside judgment or retribution for not fitting in, this is not freedom.

A life of freedom is one heart choice away

“If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn't, it never was”
– Anonymous

Freedom is ultimately a Heart State. It isn't about whether you're married or single, working in corporate or freelance.

I have the luxury of making every choice in my life from a place of freedom. When I make a decision from Freedom, there's an energy that fills me up. An expansion that pulls me forward.

Last year, I felt free supporting my parents (as much as I could), when my mom was going through chemo. Perhaps there was an obligation there too, but I didn't see it that way: I made the choice freely from my heart.

I feel free to work with the corporate client I'm now supporting (if I worked for the same client full-time, that wouldn't feel expansive to me). I feel free to write creatively, about topics that interest me. I also feel free to stop anything I'm doing now, should it no longer serve me.

Cultivating freedom in your heart

Where you feel obligation, where you feel trapped, stifled, controlled, take a closer look. Do you have expectations for the people around you, or have you accepted expectation from another? Have you truly freed others to make their own decisions? Do you hold back from deepening obligation, and guilt? For these emotional states smother true freedom and block our hearts.

For as we all experience the earth's up-shift now (call it what you will) and for many years to come, freedom will be expressed more deeply. Some will experience it through disruption, through breaking apart. Others through holding lightly, and accepting the flow which comes, and with it the natural awakening of intuition.

Claiming the freedom all around you

Find freedom where you can. Find it in the mundane. In the same old. Find freedom in every choice, especially in the things “that happen to you”, for you are always free to forgive them and let them go.

Find freedom in the simple things. Find freedom in relationships and watch your bond deepen as expectation is let go. Allow freedom to bring you closer to someone. Relish the gift, if freedom is given to you.

Freedom lies everywhere, if you choose to see it. First, it begins in your heart.

Meaning of life articles for your heart. Created with love.

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