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Back to the Water cover

A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

Moondance cover

An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

It’s time to claim your fire!

When you said yes to this life said yes to an experience of catalyzing heat.

You've had lifetimes of warm coals.
Where your fire
... lit you up, or
... lent the way.

You're had lifetimes of forest fires, too.
... flames that mirrored your wounds instead of manifesting your vision
... smoke that caught fire, spinning out of control!

Some of you now, are Fire-Weary
... preferring to immerse yourself in the ocean (or the sky)

Your soul memory may have forgotten the cozy coals.
... remembering instead the infernos!
... and the times, in front of a fire, you fell asleep.

It’s time to (re) claim your fire.

Gentle Hearts!
Passionate Warriors!


A Gentle Heart that gets (com)passionately fired up!
A Fiery Heart who allows the water to flow.

Befriend your fire.

Like a lightening rod
Fire connects you here on earth
... to a purpose greater than yourself.

Fire illuminates and pioneers!
Makes a clean break and gets things done.
Lights the darkness
... and burns away the waste.

Extends its heart and declares its Love!

So please!
Remember the warm coals.
Well tended, fire will light your way.

Radiating... catching fire.
Inside you and then joining together like the Sun!
Heart catching Heart
to Heart.

Meaning of life poetry... for your heart.

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