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Intuition definition for truth seekers

My intuition definition is a bit different than most. I hope this short article gives you the definition of intuition you seek – and for some of you, validates what you’re feeling inside.

“Faith is a passionate intuition.”
– William Wordsworth

Nuts and bolts intuition definition

“Intuition is the ability to understand something instantly without the reasoning of the mind. It’s a deep knowing. A truth discerned from inside one’s body and heart.”
– Karen M. Black

Here are some more basic intuition definitions:

  • A direct knowing of the truth of a situation often without the facts to back it up
  • An immediate insight into a situation
  • Recognizing connections between situations or facts
  • Knowledge that does not come from others, but comes from within
  • Knowledge or wisdom that was never taught to you – but that you know is true.

My intuition definition, touched by mystery

I agree with the intuition definition above. I also believe that there’s more to it and even a reason why so many people are seeking at this time.

In my view, intuition is a sign. A symptom. A demonstration of the connectedness of the universe.

I’ve also come to believe that developing our intuition is one part of re-connecting with who we really are. In other words, re-connecting with the consciousness that makes us human. Some call this soul-personality integration. Others may call it connecting with our higher selves, or even the Akashic records. But the words don’t really matter. Is this intuition definition resonating with you?

To go further, intuition is not a fact that we can memorize, or a process we can adopt. To define intuition properly and to use it in our lives, our mind must get completely out of the way. It’s a capacity that we’ve all been born with, a direct line into mystery. But because we've been taught to distrust it, claiming our intuition (for some of us) can be elusive.

Do you resonate with the mystery of intuition?

I’ve spent over 10 years now, exploring intuition through a kaleidoscope of related topics that look separate, but aren’t. Enlightenment, spiritual awakening, intuition, opening, self-trust... call it what you will. Dig deep enough and they all lead back to the same source: re-connecting consciousness and re-claiming who we really are.

If you’re experiencing the awakening of intuition and this is interesting to you, you may find the other articles on my site helpful. Go where your intuition takes you and please do your research. Exploring mystery is not a linear process. It's more like putting together the pieces of a puzzle.

Where to start

Here's a suggestion on where to start (or continue!) your own explorations.

  • Give the David Icke interview excerpt Instinct vs. Intuition a listen. I’ve found David to be sincere, a dynamic speaker and well worth the time. This interview is a short taste – there’s tons more online by David.

Whatever roads you travel, I hope you keep seeking!

Have you wondered why you’re seeking now?

Are you seeking an intuition definition because you’re sensing something deeper going on inside and around you? If you want to go deeper than this article, book a private karmic astrology session with me.

The Shift is Now. How’s your heart doing?

The (rocky) start to seeking enlightenment

For those who wonder what the signs of spiritual growth look like in modern life, I invite you to read my book, Moondance – an addictive spin on life, love and the nature of reality. I wrote it when I was first awakening and experiencing some challenges in life, work and love.

I hope you enjoyed this intuition definition.

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