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How to Love the Divine Delay

A while back, I wrote the following. It didn’t fit exactly with the theme I was writing about that day, but I liked it. So I put it in a folder, until it found a home.

Some souls are drawn to the Light.
Some may even spend their lives chasing it!
But our experience of life will not be delivered by radiant beacons that line our path...
... our experience will depend on the nature of the Light inside us.

I’ve been hosting a wrestling match between my inner knowing and outer world. And lately I’ve been asked to live the last line of my musings, above.

I’ve come out of a few months of knocking on doors that remain locked. I’ve also had a promising out of the blue opportunity that rose up, and fizzled out. All told, I’ve had 18 months of the flow going out, more than coming in.

I've affirmed, written down intentions, nurtured my thoughts and emotions, stretched my imagination! I’ve studied and learned. Taken action. Put money into it. Drove hundreds of miles. Followed my hunches. Took action – again.

Not now, the universe returned. You have great ideas, Karen. They could work. But you got the delivery date wrong. So how about a beautiful garden instead? How about some time to create, let go and re-invent?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m going to be just fine. I know that. For I’ve been here before and emerged better than I had hoped.

Yet last week, I turned away from my future dreams for now. As I left them behind, I raised a hand at my old passengers, failure and self-doubt. While I acknowledged their existence, I not invite them on board.

This morning, I sat out on my deck, under a green roof of floppy, heart-shaped leaves. I asked to be shown the open doors around me that have been hanging out behind the clouds. The doors I haven’t noticed, or perhaps: the ones that have been waiting for me to see.

Today, I will return to a writing project that is a tender, culmination of my life – one that’s calling out to be complete.

Of course, I do wonder where this wave will take me. Some days, it would be nice to have a crystal ball, or magic wand! But until the ice melts, I return to what’s in front of me, glad I could muster the courage to learn, to stretch, to check out something new.

When you find yourself standing outside a row of locked doors, become curious. Check your timing. Check the direction you’re facing. Check what you’ve turned your back on, as you throw yourself toward the new.

Your locked door may not be No – it may be a Not Yet. It may be a... Think Bigger! Or it may be protection, because the reality of your desire manifested in your life... wouldn’t make you as happy as you thought.

So for now, My Love – pause. Take a leap again, when it feels right. Know this:

Divine Timing is always at work...

... even on those days when you notice only... the Divine Delay.

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