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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Leaving consciously... because it’s time

To leave (as it feels right)
... a relationship
... a relationship pattern
... a way of thinking
... a way of living
... a way of working
... a way of playing, too.

Is completely within your control.
A matter of choice.
If the task of change feels heavy, that's okay:
...begin with your thoughts.
From your heart, ask for ways forward!

On the days you act...
you may feel stillness, a void – and then:

Freedom opens its arms!
Magnetic space lights your way forward!
Your guides silently cheer you on!
For you’re now moving in a direction...
More closely aligned with your soul

Leaving may mean some sadness.
But as this energy flows,
remember your reason. Your why.
And when the sadness passes
Embrace the r-Evolution of your heart!

Leaving is an act requiring courage.
An act rewarded generously with strength
(and often, serendipitous support).

Listening. Sensing. Discerning.
Deciding. Acting
Experiencing. Learning.
Sensing. Adjusting.

Is a path you may walk, if you choose.
A way to nagivate, holding lightly
... as you manifest your dreams.
Receiving more than you ever imagined!

So leave consciously.
Cleanly, yes.
Leave with Love.

And then...
Sit quietly as your soul flows in
... to fill the space.

This is your life unfolding.
As you wish.

Meaning of life poetry... for your heart.

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