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Planning is different now

“Without dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”
– Gloria Steinem
Planning is different now

There’s a new wisdom in the universe now. One that asks us to release the structure that we've leveraged and leaned on.

A wisdom that calls us to let go. To sense first what this moment may be for, rather than (jaw clenched) making it happen.

If you've chosen a life of freedom, or you want one. If you've chosen to find your true love. If you seek spiritual awakening signs. Or if you have a dream. Planning is different now.

With the dismantling of structure comes the need to find your own foundation. With the reformation of rules, comes the need for you to (instead) sense the truth of your soul.

You have dreams, of course. You desire meaning and purpose. True love.

So seed your desire. Anticipate it. Get excited. Define your preferences.

Then release the minutia and focus on a feeling. Sense it out and respond. Move through the shadows as they arise. Continue to move toward the light.

I can’t let go of control, you say? To be free, you must. You’ll be fine.
I’m not a planner, you say from your heart? Add a pinch of structure, then.

Planning is different now. It’s yes about our minds but it’s also about our hearts. It’s yes about the earth and its also about the ethereal.

Delivering to deadline ... and staying on the most favourable timeline.

Creating a wave ... and adeptly surfing the waves that come.

Where you can, banish structure. If you feel like resting, rest. If you need silence, commune with the trees. If money isn’t coming, create. If you cannot create, fix.

When you’re feeling inspired, clear, almost ready, then respond in the direction of your dream.

Planning is different now. You will have your days on land. And, how exciting! You're going to learn to surf.

What do you sense about today?

Meaning of life poetry... for your heart.

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