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On the art of following intuition: don't force it

At times in my life, I’ve had to push to achieve something I wanted.

I pushed myself to finish my undergrad degree in university. I pushed to get into the MBA program, and even harder to earn that degree while working full-time. For consulting clients, I’ve pushed to deliver to deadline.

When it comes to traditional goals, it’s been easy for me to push myself when I’ve needed to. But today, my goals are created and driven from within. I get to choose the timing, and the energy and resources I wish to apply. I can step up, or step away, at will.

This is both freeing and terrifying all at once. For I grew up with something in me that tends to judge stillness as laziness, fear or failure. I grew up with something in me that judges receiving, without hard work, as somehow immoral or breaking the rules.

In my personal life, I sometimes have trouble deciding whether to land in rocky terrain trying harder, or whether I should wait patiently, until I come upon a clearing on which I can smoothly land.

There’s a fine line, but over time, I’ve learned. Whether it be Love, Money or Business: forcing it never turns out the way I had hoped.

I have learned that accepting gently pooling stillness for what it is, holds open the door I seek to walk through. Impatient busyness closes the door.

Today, notice the difference between inspired activity, and a wrestling match.

Trust that twinge in your belly. And stay aware. For one day the rocky ground will be cleared for landing. Until then, don’t force it.

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