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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Are you getting a red light or a green light?

Sensing paths to ease and abundance

I am born a planner, inclined to equate productivity with progress. Life is my project. Trust is my stretch. But lately, my logical side has been challenged. My mind wants to charge ahead! But again and again, I get the message that it’s time to be still and let go.

Rushing to meet deadlines is familiar to me. But in times of quiet, I get restless. I am suspicious of stillness, frustrated from having to wait. Like a strict teacher, I judge myself for my lack of deliverables or the visible progress of this or that.

Last weekend, I turned my back on stillness. I was revved up to take a big action, ready to commit! But just as quickly as an opportunity rose up, it disappeared. For an event I was interested in, dates just didn't line up. For another possibility, critical information was conflicting or unclear.

Yes, I could have forced things to my will. I have it in me. But these were big actions that I do have the luxury of putting off. So instead of fighting, I recognized the glow: not yet. Red light, red light, red light.

I returned to the slowness of my days. Focused on what was, instead of what could be. I polished my second book, which will complete a major cycle in my life. I improved my garden, took care of my heritage home, cooked food I could freeze and meditated under an ancient Dutchman’s Pipe. I hosted friends. One day, I realized: I had all that I needed. Green light, green light, green light.

Life is a spiral that turns, cycle upon cycle. It ebbs and flows. Lifts us up. Fans our desires. Gifts us big ideas! Orchestrates meetings and forks in the road. Our experience of life reveals layer by layer, the truth about ourselves: our dreams, our strengths and the area of our hearts that that call for release.

For many years I have wanted freedom: from the 9 to 5, from living other people’s rules. But freedom has come with a quid pro quo. Instead of showing up on time to manage someone else’s milestones, I am called to relax into an invisible current. Trust that the slipstream will pull me toward ease, and around the chaos my eyes fail to see. I am re-learning a game that none of us learned in school. Allowing the truth to bubble up from within.

[finish the following sentence for yourself]
For a long time, I have wanted [fill in here]. But the quid pro quo is that now I will be required to [the task that comes to mind...]

One of the dear friends I visited with this week whose intuition I admire (as she admires my practicality) brought with her another piece of the puzzle. She senses that humanity has arrived at the tipping point. That we are poised now for change, as if suspended in the space between the in-breath and the out-breath. Each of us will experience change differently. Ahh yes... no wonder.

How does this feel to you? Green light, green light, green light.

A book recommendation for soulmate seekers

If you’ve been waiting for the one, I think this book will calm your heart and deepen your trust. Check it out...

How to find your Soulmate – A story about finding True Love

My friend Tara is prolific writer and a Buddhist psychotherapist. She’s written a wonderful story about finding true love. What makes this book different is that Tara weaves her own experiences meeting her soulmate husband into the book, plus common struggles (and successes) she hears from her clients all over the world. It’s an easy to read book, with twists and turns and some profound heart insights. While the book’s protagonist is a woman, I think men will also enjoy it! Read about the book

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