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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Take care of what you have

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”
– J. K. Rowling

Take care of what you have. Even if you don't have a lot right now. For this is the place from which you'll expand. What you'll grow more of.

On soulmates. You want one – now! Then take care of the relationships you have. Tidy up endings. Forgive the unforgiveable. For you, not them.

Two questions: Does your love for yourself match your desire for another? Do you recognize love and inspiration in the trees?

Remember, you're living a soulmate continuum, which began with your love affair with yourself. Take care of what you have (you).

On your home. Have you breathed your essence there? What if your space chose you to be its spiritual custodian? Jeepers %$firstname$%, that's a crazy thought...

No matter. Take care of what you have. Wash your windows. Let the light in.

Take care of the tough stuff. Yes, there's all that too. Your ailing parent. That shabby job, until you find another. These are passages. These will pass.

Love up your animal companions. Or ooh and aah at another's. Take care of what you have.

The precious privacy you have cultivated: take care of that, too. For this is when your soul will whisper and connect.

By the way Spiritual One – your body misses you. Your skin, too. As for your mind: it wants you to lighten up already. Take care of what you have.

Make a promise, will you please? Leave things better than when you found them. Take care of what you have.

(oh my: if everyone would simply do that...)

Meaning of life poetry for your heart. Created with love.

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