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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Honour your ebb and flow

Set a goal. Map it out. Commit to it.
These activities plant seeds. They structure us.
But achievement has a softer side.
Times when will-power takes you only so far

One key to a peaceful and abundant life?
Honour your ebb and flow.

It is given –

You will have times to focus on self
...and times to focus on others.

You will have times to earn
...and times to inherit.

You will have times to stick with the facts
... and times to deepen your faith.

You will have times of compromise
... and times of warrior action!

You will have times to cultivate home
... and times to be in the world.

You will have times where you give love
... and times to receive it.

You will have times to wash the windows
... and times to commune with the trees.

Where are you now? Ask yourself –
Which way is your body facing?
Which way is your mind facing?
Which way is your heart facing?
Where is there ease now and where is there struggle?
Align your body, mind and heart – with the ease.
Honour your ebb and flow.

Yes, there may be times
... when you must swim upstream
... or turn back to move forward
Just do it. Then know: you can decide and you can ask.
To instead surf the cycles you have.
Honour your ebb and flow.

There are times to rest.
... and times to push.

There are times to play.
... and times to focus.

There are times to break
... and times to mend.

Times to act
... and times to trust

When the wave rises again
... (and it will).

Stand up like a surfer, senses awake.
Balance. Steer. Watch for rocks.
... ride your peak until it breaks upon the shore.
With gratitude, rest.
Then, plant seeds
...and water them.

Oh the energy you’ll have!
...for your heart.
...for your body
...for those you love.
...for the Earth, as she shifts.

Recognize your next wave.
She's ready to catch.

Meaning of life poetry... for your heart.

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