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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Do you hear the early whispers?

I write from the heart for love. I simplify complex financial information for most of my income.

Since 2006, I've been freelance. It's been steady, but I've had two years out of eleven that were slow.

2012 was one, and that was the year my Mom died, so I was grateful to have some time. 2016 was the other. Yet that time off was also a gift. For it gave me the space to immerse myself in my next book and ponder my future.

In February, I heard from an organization seeking to hire someone like me. The work was right up my alley.

I did two time-consuming proposals, gave them references and before and after samples of my writing.

When two months went by without a word, I figured I was out. Then they surfaced again, ignoring everything I'd given them to date and asking for more.

At first, I was delighted. Then I got brutally honest with myself.

This is a massive organization. Rigidly bureaucratic. Decisions by committee. An entrenched, legacy culture. The proposal process alone had been going on painfully for six months, after introducing the project as a priority.

I thought: I'm being given a snapshot, a foreshadow of what's to come.

I had been sucked in before. Hurry up and wait. Ignoring my advice, after asking for it. Writing by committee. Rigid, titled people changing commas in Draft 49.

Yet – it was a big chunk of work for me. And once I was an “approved” supplier, there was a good chance I'd be called upon again.

But – was the money worth the hassle?
And – is this the kind of client that is aligned with where I want to go?

After a great deal of thought, I said No and took myself out of the running. For a few minutes, I felt a bit crazy. Then, I felt relieved.

In the meantime, I continued with new plans for growth.

Last week, while drinking my morning coffee, my phone rang. I picked up the phone, bracing myself for a telemarketer. Instead, I nearly fell off my chair.

It was a colleague I hadn't spoken to in a decade. His communication consulting practice in a large firm was swamped. He needed help.

So instead of suffocating in bureaucracy, I'll be helping professionals (and nice people) who speak the same language as me. I'll help keep their projects moving. I'll reduce their stress and make their lives easier. Yes to that.

What I ponder today is this –

We are always gifted a foreshadow of what a relationship is going to be like before we get in too deep...

...and when it comes to manifesting what we want, what we say No to is as important as what we say Yes to.

This applies to business relationships. It also applies to your soulmate search… and any journey of growth and change.

The early signs will be there. The question is... will you accept the message... or will you ignore or rationalize the message away?

Saying No isn't easy, especially when the future feels uncertain. And the best course of action isn't always instantly clear (it wasn't for me).

But part of “Moondancing” in life is recognizing the old stuff that will drain and entangle you before it grabs hold – and consciously making a different choice.

For me, positive thinking is only part of the manifesting equation. Firmly saying No is the other part that not everyone talks about.

Now I don't mean living in negativity. That's not it.

I do mean ruthlessly evaluating opportunities. Feeling into whether that choice will be a direct flight to your desires, a stepping stone – or a painful, unnecessary detour.

I do mean cultivating firm convictions about what you're available for in life – and what you are not available for. Period.

Put it another way.

You will have many opportunities. Not all of them will be aligned with your heart.

If Yes is the wind in your sails, No is the rudder that steers you around the rocks. To get what you really want: you need to activate both.

Could an area of your life use some steering?

It's something to feel into as waves of opportunity ripple your way.

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