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Spiritual awakening symptoms: a living list

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Here, I'll include a list of spiritual awakening symptoms so you can make sense of the changes taking place in your life and heart. Some symptoms aren't easy. Mine certainly weren't! But there's a reason for them. Good for you for asking...

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

Why is this happening to me?

“No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.”
–Albert Einstein

Spiritual awakening symptoms may start showing up during a period of great change in your external world or your relationships. They may also reveal themselves in your emotional life or as physical symptoms of spiritual awakening.

Symptoms may take place intensely over a short period of time. Or, they may continue for months or years. Spiritual awakening symptoms may also come and go with breaks in between as you plateau to new levels of consciousness.

As you continue to grow and expand your consciousness, some spiritual awakening symptoms may recur one last time. I've noticed that recurrences tend to be less intense, move through more quickly and result in a profound feeling of peace and strength after they've been fully experienced.

The important thing to remember is that spiritual awakening signs are unique to each individual. They are also catalysts whose purpose is to help you (ultimately):

  • let go of lower density energy in your body and your heart (this means any energy that isn't compatible with where the Earth is shifting now)
  • allow you to more consistently hold on the higher density of love in your body and heart (so you can have longer and longer periods of contentment), and
  • prompt you to keep seeking (so if you're here reading, well done!).

Some spiritual awakening symptoms: a living list.

Here's a list of some of the symptoms I've noticed in myself, and others. You may not realize what's happening in the moment. However, with time and reflection, you'll begin to see how these catalysts urged you to grow.

If you want to go deeper than this article, consider booking a private karmic astrology session with me.

Your job feels like a prison

When you go to work, do you feel heavy? Like you're carrying around a burden, or wearing a mask? Do you feel a twisted knot in your stomach? Does it feel as if what you do no longer aligns with who you are? Do you feel claustrophobic at work? Or rebellious? Or like a fake? Oh boy, do I know that place. This was one of my very first spiritual awakening symptoms.

More of us in corporate are now discovering that we're no longer in sync with the organization we work for, or we realize that we'd prefer to work at home on our terms. Some folks are transitioning to life coaching, for example. In my case, I can tell you that going freelance was one of the best things I've done.

Yet I also believe that money can be part of a spiritual path, too. For some, this may be controversial and I write more about this in my article Spiritual and material enlightenment. In fact, healing our money wounds is as part of the awakening journey as anything else.

Wherever you are in your journey, remain open and keep seeking. You may not see the answer right away, but the first step is to start looking. Put some feelers out.

Relationships end or radically change

Changes in relating and relationships are one of the most common (and often painful!) spiritual awakening symptoms. This can happen in many ways. Sometimes power struggles escalate, creating a quick and dramatic break. It's not that you create new issues as you awaken. It's more that your ability to tolerate and ignore issues is no longer possible.

Business partners, colleagues, friends, spouses, families, anything that hasn't been spoken, dealt with or that has been shoved under the rug will make itself known: loudly. It's ok. See the truth. Come to a new understanding. Or let go.

By the way, soulmate relationships beginning out of the blue is one of the most joyful spiritual awakening symptoms. These will often feel like destined or karmic relationships. They're also likely to be very different than your relationships earlier in life. For more on this topic, see my article signs of spiritual awakening

Secrets explode to the surface

As the Earth shifts, it will become more and more difficult to lie and keep secrets. Expect personal secrets to be revealed and corporate secrets, too. This is being fired from your job because of an organizational scandal. This is the affair that's gone on secretly for years, creating tension in your main relationship until an angry explosion takes place.

This also is the Whistleblower phenomenon and the escalating geopolitical tension as the push for new ways face off against the status quo that resists change.

Understandably, if this is one of your spiritual awakening symptoms, your life might feel messy for a while. But take heart. Once the dust settles, know that this experience can be a great catalyst for you: an invitation to change your life to be more aligned with who you are.

You experience chaos and uncertainty

No matter how competent or spiritually awake you are, one of your spiritual awakening symptoms very well may be periods of uncertainty or self-doubt. As you enter into the quiet, uncertain space of transition, you may even feel as if you're losing your footing. I've felt this personally and it's not always easy, but in the end, it's all good. This is a time to keep seeking, to go deeper, to make friends with silence and to Trust. When you emerge (and you will emerge) you will feel stronger and clearer.

Your emotional and physical energy suffers

The earth is shifting into a higher dimension, which is more loving and also changes more quickly than the world we know today. So as our DNA, our bodies (and our lives) catch up, some of us may experience emotional or physical symptoms of spiritual awakening which may range from the common cold to fatigue, depression and chronic illness.

When I experienced some health challenges a few years ago, I used the time to explore alternative healing. I learned a lot during that time and I know that I healed a lot, too because I'm now feeling great and in maintenance mode.

So yes, even illness can be a rich experience if you choose it to be. I do not say this lightly and I am not ignoring the grief and pain involved. I'm also not thinking that someone should gloss over their emotions if they're ill.

I am saying that illness can be a time to come back into our bodies and define what's really important. Make choices more aligned with who you are. Decide the people you want to be connected with and those you don't. It's a time to imagine what you will do when you become healthy again. If this resonates for you, spend some time imagining.

You experience slow, stalled change

Have you taken some action to change, then felt as if you're stalled? Excruciating, isn't it? For some of you, your spiritual awakening symptoms will prompt your to take steps in new directions. However, manifestation may not be predictable. There may be a time that's confusing, as you feel out how the world is working for you now.

For example, I know that planning and going after certain things in my life no longer works for me (and often blows up). However, using all that the universe provides for me and acting with intention from there (with flexibility and trust) does work for me. You may not have the same lessons as me (you may be here to learn how to plan). But during this time, if you let it, you will be given what you need to find your own way.

You experience fast, radical change

Sometimes after long periods of “nothing”, you'll experience rapid change as one of your spiritual awakening symptoms. I call these times ‘tipping points’ and they're very exciting and different for everyone! When this happens, just hold on. Your physical reality is catching up to your energetic reality.

This happened to me when I recently purchased my dream home after searching for months. There was some uncertainty, but I kept going. I was also fully prepared to walk away. Suddenly, I received help from several fascinating and unexpected sources and it all magically fell into place.

You are a magnet for magical opportunities

As you consciously become more aware of and honour your spiritual awakening symptoms, you'll begin to serendipitously attract signs and assistance along the way. Enjoy the fruits of your seeking. Open your arms. Appreciate.

You find your “tribe”

You may draw in soulmates, or other with the same interests, outlooks and energy now. You may unexpectedly discover a group of people that feel like family to you. This is your tribe, your soul family.

You begin to seek truth and purpose

Ultimately, tending to your spiritual awakening symptoms will lead you to greater purpose in life. The desire to keep seeking. Perhaps, the conscious choice to serve others. This, with a deep knowing why your life has unfolded the way it has, and why your mission is so important to you.

If this is where you are now, well done. You are aligning yourself with the light. Keep seeking, for your journey has just begun.

Have you resonated with these spiritual awakening symptoms? Tell me by leaving a commment.

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If you want to go deeper than this article, consider booking a private karmic astrology session with me.

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