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Back to the Water cover

A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

Moondance cover

An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

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The paperback edition of Moondance is available for purchase exclusively from this site and is not available at Amazon or in bookstores.

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A spontaneous email from a reader

I spent my Thanksgiving holiday curled up with "Moondance!" I LOVE the book. I relate to Althea on many accounts. (I never knew my dad. I was born to a single, African American teenager in the South who had a fling with the married, Caucasian insurance salesman in our small town. Additionally, I'm an MBA workaholic who has never had luck with romantic relationships even during a two decade marriage that created two beautiful offsprings.)

Anyway, "Moondance" touched me in several ways. I was reminded of the ever-present, omnipotent, omniscient Universal Consciousness that is infinitely at our beck and call; that hurtful acts by people are usually the Universe's way of grabbing our attention in order to teach an eternal life lesson that we MUST learn sooner or later; and that I get to choose... not only my perspective on situations, but also to accept The All's greatest gift of endowment -- creation ability to affect the effects (change/outcomes) I want to experience in this lifetime & forevermore.

Thank you for sharing your soul. Thank you for allowing me to walk beside and within Al on her journey. And, thank you for reminding me that the Moon is always waiting, ready, anxious and excited to dance with me -- yes even ME! Sincerely, 12 Dozen Rosebuds

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