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Private karmic astrology sessions

I offer a limited number of private karmic astrology sessions on Skype each week. Learn about my sessions and see the dates I have available by clicking on the session you're interested in below.

You can also read what some of my dear clients say on my karmic astrology testimonials page.

Read before you book so you're not disappointed!

My sessions are not predictive astrology. I don't tell you what to do or what's going to happen to you. I will share ideas on how you can consciously step into your soul purpose. Answer questions about your past lives, if you have them. Plus reveal your current cycles, if you purchase an Energies for the Year (Solar Return) session. Nuff said.

You can choose from three types of sessions: Life Purpose (karmic astrology), Energies for the Year (solar return) and combined sessions that cover both.

YES! I'd like to book a session now

Awesome! So you know, here's my policy for changes, cancellations and no-shows. Also, what I'll do for you if have to change something...

Click on the astrology session you're interested in to see my availability and choose the time that works for you. To be notified when more appointments are available, sign up to my newsletter.

Here's me on Heart On Radio...

As you're pondering whether or not to book a session, you might want to listen to this 2019 interview of me by Shana Eva from Heart On Radio in California. We had a great time chatting, covering karmic astrology and much more.

What you can expect when you book

  1. When you click on a session above, you'll be taken to my calendar where you'll choose the time of your session
  2. You'll then fill out an online form giving me the personal information I need to do your session
  3. Finally, you'll use PayPal to complete your payment (you don't have to have a PayPal account, you can use a credit card)
  4. 24-hours before our session, you'll get a reminder e-mail
  5. On the day of our session, I'll call you on Skype, and
  6. After our session, I'll send you a link to your audio.

About Life Purpose sessions

Work with your soul – instead of struggling against it

For Life Purpose sessions, I use karmic astrology, also known as esoteric or spiritual astrology. Karmic astrology doesn't predict. Instead, think of it as a soul blueprint.

Karmic astrology aligns with the ideas that:

  • we are souls having a human experience
  • we've lived many lifetimes before this one
  • as soul beings, we've chosen our life circumstances to grow spiritually
  • our painful experiences are catalysts which encourage us to seek knowledge about ourselves, our purpose and reality itself
  • each of us have a unique soul purpose which (if we commit to it) results in both spiritual growth – and fulfillment.

Armed with this information about your soul, you'll be able to make choices that work with your soul instead of struggling against it.

What a Life Purpose session can do for you

Whether you're a beginner, or a lifelong seeker, you will have opportunities to unfold your soul purpose in new ways for the rest of your life. You don't have to believe in past lives for karmic astrology to work for you. You do need to open to the possibility, though, and be curious.

I love karmic astrology because it puts you in the drivers seat, helping you align your personality with your soul. It's like the law of attraction on steroids.

Karmic astrology reveals your Unique Soul Purpose. By consciously aligning your choices with your soul, you will:

  • experience the flow of life, more easily and joyfully
  • increase the meaning, focus and purpose in your life
  • enhance your intuition and clarity
  • confidently make decisions, even in times of uncertainty

When you do experience challenges in life (everyone does), the soul secrets revealed by karmic astrology will also help you get back on track more quickly.

About Energies for the Year sessions

A perfect birthday gift for yourself or another!

My Energies for the Year (solar return) sessions are a bit different than Life Purpose sessions using karmic astrology. Though you can do one anytime, the best time to do them is three months before or around your birthday.

A preview of your next level of soul growth

Energies for the Year (solar return) sessions reveal unfolding energies from birthday to birthday. They doen’t predict events. Instead, think of it this way.

Your soul growth is a collection of vibrational spirals. Each year, there are subtle new lessons to learn in different areas of life. There’s an ebb and flow to it all. A time for hard work and a time for harvest. Each year, there may be a greater focus on one area of life than another.

Knowing all this in advance helps you avoid struggle, take advantage of opportunity – and navigate your year with grace and ease.

What an Energies for the Year session can do for you

During your session, you may learn whether it’s a year to:

  • Begin a project, or finish one
  • Plan quietly in the background, or step into the public
  • Focus more on relationships, or focus on your career
  • Know whether this is a year of change, or harvest
  • Experience the flow of abundance, or manage what you have
  • Work on your own, or explore partnerships
  • Take control of your health (work, money), or lighten up and have fun
  • Take a bold action, or learn how to attract (and trust)

Again, Energies for the Year sessions (solar return) do not predict specific events. But by knowing where you are in a soul cycle, you can more easily meet challenges, recover quickly from change and confidently stay on track.

Not sure of your birth time?

To give you the best information, I do need your birth time. So I suggest that you dig deep to get it!

If you can't get your birth time and are strongly drawn to have a session with me, I can give you general information about your Soul Purpose and karma. However, unfortunately, I won't be able to do an Energies for the Year session.

Are you ready to invest in a private karmic astrology session?

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