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11 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Introduction to this section of my web site

There's a collection of articles linked from the bottom of this page to help you with your signs of spiritual awakening.

Signs of spiritual awakening open your heart

11 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

  1. Your heart has been broken again, and again and you can’t take any more
  2. You’re restless, questioning everything you’ve been told and seeking truth
  3. Your sleep is disrupted and your dreams are intense
  4. Relationships you thought would last forever are ending
  5. You experience a financial loss or traumatic event
  6. You go through periods of intense exhaustion
  7. Disease has stopped you in your tracks
  8. You lose or gain weight overnight
  9. You become super sensitive, to sounds, foods, others energy which feels as if is draining you
  10. You're going through an intuitive or psychic awakening. How to open your intuition in 8 easy steps
  11. You have more energy than ever! (and then don’t).

Why are you experiencing signs of spiritual awakening?

If you wonder if you’re experiencing the signs of spiritual awakening, you are ready to see the truth about your life and the world you live in. What this means is that you’re ready reconnect with the most powerful energy source in the universe.

At first, you may feel a bit crazy...

Your signs of spiritual awakening may feel difficult to you. This is because they’re meant to catalyze you. Prompt you to seek. To reflect and go within. To open you to new understanding, meaning and purpose for your life.

But for a while, you may feel a bit crazy. Maybe even isolated. Especially if you’re the only one you know going through it. This video by Jade Joddie nicely summarizes what I mean by crazy...

Trust that you will get there

If you’re feeling a bit crazy, reach out to like minds. (Lee Harris is also someone I highly recommend, especially if you’re sensitive, like me).

You will get there more easily and quickly if you stop fighting and surrender to the process. Awakening is expansive growth and can be uncomfortable, but it's natural. If you're curious and learning, then perfect.

And consider those you love: just as much as it’s difficult to stop the signs of spiritual awakening inside yourself once they’ve begin, you cannot start or hurry another’s awakening experience. So whenever you feel yourself wanting to change those around you, step back and focus on you.

Please be patient with yourself. Remember that you’re undoing lifetimes of karma, or conflict energy inside you and transforming yourself in the physical plane (which moves slowly). Trust that in time, your signs of spiritual awakening will end and you’ll no longer need to process so intensely. Along the way to enlightenment, there will also be periods of feeling better than you ever have!

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How spiritual awakening signs may play out in your life

These awakening symptoms – and many others – will likely play out over a number of years.

The signs of spiritual awakening may feel like a hindrance to you. Many of them may slow you down. Create solitude, or reflective time. They may force to the surface, issues that you weren’t ready to look at earlier. They may force you into bed for days. They may call you to question your life.

If you’re like me, you may spend months or years resisting your spiritual awakening symptoms. When I think about it now, my signs of spiritual awakening have been playing out for decades, though they’ve accelerated once I began consciously paying attention. They’ve also changed quite a bit, so there’s always something new to learn.

What’s happening is that you’re revealing and transforming different layers of your energy body that’s held you in one place (so to speak). When a layer is released, you expand. You may then be strong enough to transmute another heavy layer underneath which until you were ready, remained hidden.

This process of revealing and transforming is what results in the signs of spiritual awakening. It’s okay. Allow it. There is a purpose to it all. In time, the symptoms will ease up and your feeling of expansion will last longer.

Until then, as your energy body expands, know that you may make great leaps, feel on top of the world! Then, you may regress for a time. From what I understand, this is normal. So often, after I thought “that issue” was over – it came back, for one last gasp. Just allow it to move through. Bless it. Let it go.

Keep seeking. Ask to know more, and you will be shown.

You do not have to go through awakening alone. Seek information. Seek communities that resonate with you: for example, check out Lee Harris Energy.

Or simply put your body on the earth. Your feet, your root. For the earth is powerful and she's changing too. Your choice now, is whether or not to wake up and go with her.

I hope this helped you see and manage your own unique signs of spiritual awakening.

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