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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

Moondance cover

An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Your future is gathering

Predict the future for me please.
What will happen to me? And when?
Some people have the skill to peer into timelines.
But here's the thing. Prediction takes more than it gives.
For as soon as the cards reveal their secrets
...your future has already changed.

Time. It is not what we've been lead to believe.
Time. Is time-less.
An energy that is beyond words.
Moving like a river - within rivers!
Possibilities flowing.
In fact – Resisting cause and effect.
Instead – Shifting, flickering and magnetizing
... until a tipping point occurs.

You. A soul that swims with time.
Your paddle is free will.
Your current is your thought, emotion and response.
Your life unfolds on the river that is the same colour as your heart.
You choose your response! (and again).
Your future is gathering.

Remember heartbreak?
I never want that to happen again!
Heartbreak is a tangles of shadows.
The reality inside us that is unseen or unheard.
The memory that frightens us .
The parts of ourselves we do not accept.
Heartbreak then... is simply an energy expressing
... in a torrent, with your life as a pendulum swing.
Your future is gathering.

Heartbreak has a desire to be seen and loved.
Once infused with calm, the pendulum must slow.
Choose your response, layer by layer.
Will it be love and forgiveness? Or supression and self-punishment?
Hint: You stop the wheel of karma by choosing love!

In time, your heartbreaks will become echoes.
Whispers that remind you where you've been.
You'll know you're done with an energy tangle
... when it says hello, but is unable to attach.
When you choose to see it and step away. So choose.
Your future is gathering.

In time, you won't need to go 'round again.
Are you there already? What freedom!

This is life. A kaleidoscope of timelines.
A gathering of light... just this side of matter.
Influenced by your dominant thought and emotion.
So do not despair if you have a bad day!
Gently bring yourself back when you notice.
Forgive yourself. And then return.
Envision an infusion of light forming at your feet.
The power of creation in your DNA rising up!
Your future is gathering.

Your Our 2016 is already in motion.
Cool thing. You get to choose the flow.
In this ‘9' year, honour completions.
As much as you pay attention to your goals.
Instead of a merry go round.
That your ride be shaped like a spiral.
That you jump up a level.
Hop to a bigger ride.
Experience all forms of abundance!
For the highest good of all.
Your future is gathering.

Oh, the words are limiting!
For if you had the dimensional eyes to observe yourself'd see this great, glowing chandelier!

On my, the colours you're creating.
The rainbows we will create together!
So too... our future is gathering.

Meaning of life poetry... for your heart.

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