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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Respond with... Ferocious Love

As the same olds resist the light that's rising...
  reality will rock and thrash.
The shrieking tantrum of an energy losing its grip
  and attempting to get it back.

See what is.
Then go back to your heart.
For inside you, is the most powerful force.

Ferocious love.
A force that says I Love You – and No!
I want you to be happy – and this isn't okay!
I recognize your free will – and I withdraw my consent!
I do not give you my time, focus or one iota of my vulnerable attention!
I am done!

Ferocious Love is a declaration of strength and resistance.
It is without the sticky judgment
that keeps us locked into a dimension.

Ferocious Love...
Locks eyes with difficult truths...
  and dissolves them from a higher perspective.
Follows its own inner voice...
  refusing to be hypnotized.

It sees clearly, all there is to see.
But instead of focusing on what's far away lavishes attention on the miracles that surround it.

Ferocious love...
Creates in the face of darkness.
Lives from the heart.
Defiantly invokes beauty.
Claims its power, even if others misuse theirs.

YES – you can help right this second!

By recognizing the gifts around you.
Honouring what you have.
Loving your people.
Asking the trees for assistance.
Nurturing your tender heart.
Gifting your calm and your strength from afar.

Yes. By committing to your dreams.

Your desires matter!
Your dreams matter!
Meeting your soulmate matters!
(for two linked by love, are more powerful than a thousand linked by hate)

The most revolutionary act you can wield
  as the light collapses into the earth?

Help create impenetrable firelinks.
From heart, to heart, to heart.

Respond with... Ferocious Love.

(and... share this with that someone
who's popping into your mind right now)

Meaning of life poetry... for your heart.

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