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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Hold the space for truth

Universal truths are simple
... at times, even obvious and trite.
Yet life is filled with complexity
...demanding we - now! Decide.
SPACE ABOVE Slow down and remember!
Tune in to both heart (and mind).
Hold the space for truth.

Here's a question for you: NEXT LINE How well do you hear words you disagree with?
Are you able to sit with the tension?
What happens to your body when
... you realize you might be wrong.

Want to REALLY KNOW before deciding?
Consider with an open mind
... hold all possibilities lightly.
(even those ideas you hold dear)

If you're pondering a choice now.
... whether in love, or in life.
Hold the space for truth.
... and ask your being to help you decide.

Pretend you've made your decision
... then, sense your body.

Ask before you go to sleep
... to wake and know.

Write your question
... and schedule the answer in your calendar.

Meditate on it
... and ask the trees!

Ask for solutions supporting the highest good of all!
Coming straight at you, like the sun.
Meandering sideways, unexpected.
Bursting forth like popcorn!
Sparking through coincidence, again.

Hold the space for truth.
And it will flow toward you.
Hold on to being right
...and the flow will stop.

How does your choice feel?
Anxious... but in a good way? That's excitement!
Expansive, as if lifted? That's abundance!
Firm, steady and calm? That's courage and conviction!
Constricted or confused? That's fear.
Overwhelmed? Yep, that's fear, too.
Dread, like here we go again?
That's fear (perhaps, mingled with karma)

One day, in the future
... we'll just feel it in our gut.
We'll be able to look at another in the eyes
...and know.

But until then...
Your curiosity is a bridge to truth.
Your wondering is a bridge.
Your imagination, too...
And your iron-clad judgment collapses the bridge.

Hold the space for truth.
Decide with the best you have.
At once, allow the changing of your mind
... and the expansion of your heart!
And so on.

Hold the space for truth.
(it's inside you)

Meaning of life poetry... for your heart.

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