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Edgar Cayce's work points to the reality of reincarnation, karma and past lives

Edgar Cayce was an American clairvoyant and arguably the most well-documented psychic and medical clairvoyant of the twentieth century.

And as he figured prominently in my own spiritual awakening journey, I'm writing about him here. If you haven't explored his work, I recommend it. It could change the way you see your life.

For more than 40 years, Edgar Cayce gave more than fourteen thousand psychic readings, offering compelling evidence that reincarnation, karma and past lives are real. He died in 1945.

Born on a farm in Kentucky in 1877, Edgar Cayce's psychic abilities showed up in childhood. He had an eighth grade education.

Channeled information from a sleep-state

As an adult, Cayce discovered that he could put himself into a sleep-like state and connect with the universal consciousness.

From his sleep-state, he could respond to a range of questions from “What is the meaning of life?” to “What is my purpose in life?” to “What can I do to help my arthritis?” He was able to answer these questions in great detail.

As a devout Christian, he originally resisted the idea of reincarnation and past lives. When asked how to become psychic, his advice was to become more spiritual.

The subject of hundreds of books

Even though Cayce has been dead for more than 60 years, his readings remain timely.

Cayce's body of work is rich... and especially important as more of us explore bigger questions about our lives and life itself. Hundreds of books have been written on his work and almost a dozen on his life.

He began by giving intuitive medical readings, offering ways to treat illness holistically. After a while, he began to spontaneously give not only medical readings, but past life readings encompassing:

  • Health-related information
  • Past lives, reincarnation and the various expressions and meaning of karma
  • Soulmates, twin flames, relationship karma
  • Dreams and dream interpretation
  • Ancient civilizations such as Atlantis
  • ESP and psychic phenomena, and
  • Spiritual growth, meditation, and prayer.

Curious to read more?

Linked at the bottom of this page are some short, easy to read articles on specific topics covered in Edgar Cayce's readings over the years, such as infidelity, divorce and twin flames.

I highly recommend spending some time investigating Edgar Cayce and his work. The information he brought forth added a rich, dimension to my own spiritual awakening, my understanding about the purpose of life and the nature of reality itself.

While I'd never recommend you follow only one person or belief system - I do recommend adding Edgar Cayce's work to your short list.

Books I recommend

Kevin J. Todeschi has written a book about Edgar Cayce's references to soulmates. It's a really good book if you're interested in diving deep into this topic.

Gina Cerminara's Many Mansions, is a very dense read (you may want to take your time and split it up) but has a fantastic range of topics like the types of karma and some nice sections on soulmates, marriage, infidelity and more.

Thomas Sugrue explores his life and work in the book, There Is a River. It's considered a classic.

Websites dedicated to Edgar Cayce's work

Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.)

Edgar Cayce Canada

Congratulations for looking into Edgar Cayce...

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