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When the weather rages... change what's inside

Many years ago, I dated a man from South Africa who had a very different life.

He was raised with guns, by what he called a “white supremacist” father. He realized his father was wrong when he did his military service in Namibia, trusting his life to black soldiers.

He had a sense of adventure. He envisioned moving to Canada, and learning French. He chose Toronto because he thought he'd be able to long-distance swim in Lake Ontario.

He was fascinated with Canadian weather. When it snowed, he'd turn his face to the sky, as snowflakes melted on his skin. During a weekend of storms at my family cottage, we sat under a covered deck watching the clouds shift, as if the sky was a big screen TV (I'm a fan of weird weather too).

Here in my part of the world, the water is rising. It's been raining so much that Lake Ontario has obliterated public beaches and parks. In some areas of the province, hundreds of houses have been damaged or destroyed.

My home has been dry and safe and I'm grateful for this. And as the water rises a few blocks away, I am dismayed for those experiencing damage to their homes. Yet I also wonder if this drenching weather is an invitation... be more aware of the water inside us. To no longer deny what we feel and force water underground. To allow emotions to spring naturally to the surface when they need to, rather than delay until a flood. To allow the water to wash away our resistance, instead of eroding our hearts.

Do you rail at the weather? Curse the bird's song, because you prefer silence? Don't fight nature – you will lose.

Instead, be curious. Take a few moments each day and listen to what Gaia is whispering – and how she's responding to your heart in return. As above, so below. As below, so above.

I do realize that the weather is unpredictable. I get it. Sometimes we need to protect ourselves and seek shelter. Even so, I've also come to the conclusion that talking to the trees, the water, the flowers, communing with the life around us – is a crazy thing not to do.

Here's another reason – have you noticed? People in a community are never as present, or for one another... as when the weather rages. A bit more of that on sunny days would do us all some good...

And until then... hear the water's whispers. Ask for her advice. Anchor your feet on moist ground. Borrow Gaia's strength. Tune the expressions of your heart, for they radiate out.

When it rains and thunders, a funnel cloud in the distance, prudently batten down the hatches – and then put away your fear.

Look in on your neighbour. Turn your face up to the sky.

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