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Heart awakening sign: the quiet absence of self-judgment

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”
– Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Whenever I've turned toward self-growth it's been to stop pain, or to avoid pain.

I turned to holistic health, because of painful attacks which left me with two choices: antibiotics or surgery.

I turned to yoga and pilates because I had chronic back pain from sitting at a computer.

I turned toward understanding my soul and seeking heart awakening signs because I was disillusioned with life and I was frightened the melancholy feeling would never leave.

The (exhausting!) stop and go awakening cycle

Later, these new interests turned out to be the best things I could have done. But I didn't approach even one of them joyfully.

Let's talk about regular exercise. I had fantasies being vital, having energy. Yet I'd work out for a bit. Then I'd stop. I clearly remember the moments I stopped. It was as I was wondering: What if I expand and the floor drops away?

First there was resistance. Then, willpower and defiant change. I'd take some healthy steps then turn away. I'd then fall into a suffocating well of self-judgment.

In time, I'd catch my breath. Begin again. Trudge forward (while watching for potholes). Sometimes, I'd make a giant leap. Get more than a fleeting glimpse of joy, peace, possibility. That which stopped me came less and less often. But then, unexpectedly, she'd return.

When you Heart Shift, time may get fuzzy

I can't quite pinpoint the date of my latest Heart Shift. I do know that it was within the last three months. I moved from a condo to a 160-year old heritage home five months ago. I was ready for a garden, for community, for quiet.

I also wanted to shake things up energetically. Complete a cycle. Step into expansion again. Open up to a whole new level. I wanted this. I was ready. I had no idea how it would happen.

At the first sign of spring, I bundled up and got outside. I met the neighbours. I sold what no longer worked. I threw stuff away. I accepted invitations. I put both hands in the dirt of my garden (rather like a gleeful crazy lady). This is where time gets fuzzy.

I began wanting to do yoga once a day (check out the free classes on I wasn't in pain. Then twice a day, morning and late afternoon. My body craved movement. Another moment, I noticed the absence of food cravings. It was easy to say no. It was also easy to say yes without beating myself up.

I began to be aware that I felt quite detached. From people and outcomes. Yet my heart felt more open than every before. New, awakening full potential.

I've been striving to achieve this elusive Heart Place for quite some time. I've visited here and I liked it. Now I've moved in. The difference is that I've stopped striving. It's no longer a goal, or an achievement. It's just the way things are now. No big deal.

It came to me that I didn't pry the judgment from my heart or “eliminate” it. I didn't yell at it or thrash through it. One day, I'm not sure which day, I just noticed curiously that it was gone.

Your first (not so easy) task: accept what is

There's you. There's your family and soul family. There's your home, your community, your country. There's our planet. Connected here together, we've created excruciating pain and excruciating beauty.

What's around you, what's inside you, whatever that looks like just is. It's presence does not require your judgment or evaluation. Judgment blocks your inner peace. Your judgment will however, increase your craving for peace. Your heart may be tempted to satisfy that craving. Or you may judge it and strive to overcome it.

If you seek growth, your first task is to accept without judgment. Acceptance creates space. Judgment slows and constricts. Accept what's in your heart. Accept what's in others'. Accept what's in our world. This doesn't mean condone it all. Or approve. Be helpless. Remain passive. Do nothing. Keep your mouth shut. Or remain in a painful situation. You are here to grow, which is dynamic and expansive.

Heart Shifts are expressions of us all. They will each express in their own unique way. One day, you may quietly notice. It will happen so naturally that it feels like an afterthought – that a tension inside your heart is just... gone now.

Or perhaps you've already noticed: this is your heart awakening sign.

Meaning of life poetry for your heart. Created with love.

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