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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Have you broken your love pattern?

“Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?”
– Rumi

A good friend is going through an excruciating romantic situation right now. There are no villains. There are no heroes. There is great confusion and inevitable sadness.

I love my friend dearly. This is a strong, competent person. But here he is: on his knees in surrender. I see the confusion and despair. I feel his indecision. I see him wrestling with their options, not liking any of them, losing hope.

I empathize. Though our stories are different, I've been in that Heart Place.

Sometimes, the holes in two hearts... match up

Imagine if you could see with extra-dimensional eyes what happens when two souls come together. Hearts and mind connect, quite literally through energy points. Even when they're not with one another physically, they remain connected through cords of light.

Some cords are supportive. They join hearts and deepen purpose. They nurture and support and the flow goes both ways. These cords breathe. They are pliable. That have the capacity to strengthen and then relax. They can also soften to allow expansion and healing heartbreak and they can change.

In painful entanglements, the cords look different. They're deeper, thicker, darker. Energy flow often goes one way. Some pull another's heart energy because they're afraid to open their own. Some, feeling powerless, seek another those who will give up their power to them. Some hook into core wounds we have: fear of rejection, abandonment, betrayal.

Quite literally, someone can energetically “string us along” using cords

When we entangle our energy bodies with another, we can be quite literally “strung along”. The most smart, logical person can be reduced to utter confusion. Muddled, brainfogged. Blindfolded and helpless.

However! Like a key fitting into a lock, painful entanglements cannot lock us in unless we have a vulnerability, a wound, a reciprocal energetic imprint that mirrors the person we're drawn to. The wound is ours inside. But we manifest an intense, confusing relationship externally to bring our inner wounds to light.

Yes — painful entanglements can be unraveled. To do so, we need both our mind and our heart. First, we need to make a decision and then follow through. Face our fears. Establish healthy boundaries. And then using prayer, forgiveness, H'oloponono, nature, sleep. Or a trusted energy healer you may resonate with.

Wounds aren't meant to disappear: they're meant to help us claim who we really are

A while back, my friend asked to meet their soulmate. Shortly after, they met the person who revealed their deepest wound. Do you think this is a coincidence?

If you find yourself caught in a web of entanglement as you're reading this now, think about this. What if you are closer than you've ever been. What if this is happening to you now because you are strong enough.

The emotional triggers we have in our hearts are our wounds to heal. Some wounds, we've been protecting for lifetimes. Which is why when they rise up, they feel as if they will overpower us. But they won't.

Like a small child, our deepest wound once loved, will happily take a back seat in our life, as long as it receives some attention now and then. As long as we don't forget or ignore it. Once revealed, the small child becomes part of us. A precious passenger inside our Hearts. Compassionate light extended to others.

The turning point in a healing cycle: what is feels like

My friend is a projection of my own heart simply because he is in my life. In him, I see myself. As witness, my task now is the same as it was then. To allow expression without judgment. To love what's in my own heart and what's in his. To bless the experience. But where to start: how to forgive?

When I got off the phone with him last week, he was facing a big conversation. After hanging up, I stood in my sunny kitchen, gazing out into nature. I whispered: “I'm so, so sorry. I love you very much. Please forgive me. I forgive myself.” Then I whispered it again.

My friend had reached a turning point. He made a decision. He had the conversation. He established boundaries. He made the break. On the other side, he experienced relief.

This is also a friend who is strong, intelligent and warm. He has much to share. Yesterday, a month after we talked last, he called to say that he's joined a mentoring group, to help other young men with histories like himself.

No surprise, he's attracting those whose stories mirror his. Have you broken your love pattern?

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