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What if you could receive more than you asked for? (manifestation secret)

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans”
– Woody Allen

I've known since doing my own Energies for the year (Solar Return) chart last year, that I might be moving and that this year supports me taking risks. At first my chart didn't make sense to me. At first, I wasn't interested in moving and I had always been risk-adverse!

Last July, I spent two weeks at the family cottage and I considered what was next for me. 2011 and 2012 were difficult years. Financially yes, and emotionally too. I decided that it was time to move, to slash the mortgage, and live simply. So I decided to downsize my condo in the city, prepared to sell much of my stuff.

So I threw myself into researching small loft condos. I bet I spent 80 hours doing this: I was laser focused. Then on an online real estate site, I began “traveling” along one of the great lakes. I stumbled into a beautiful condo, bigger than I have now and much less in price. Thing is, I was no longer in Toronto.

I had never considered moving out of the city. I then remembered that the woman who laid out my book Moondance lived in this small town and I decided to pay the town a visit. It felt right. A new vision emerged: a larger condo, for a smaller price!

I then cyber-stumbled into a house (forever out of my reach in Toronto), and as I peered at the online slidshow, I was stunned. It was as if someone crawled into my head and created the house of my dreams! The first time I visited, I wandered into the spare bedroom. Next to the bed, was a copy of “Ask and it is Given” (shivers).

Ask and it is Given

I made an offer and there were many hurdles to overcome. Negotiations with my mortgage broker, bank. Scanning fifty pages of personal financial documents to get approved for a mortgage that was less than what I had today.

I was intensely engaged, yet I also knew that if this house fell through, that there would be another. After some back and forth, my offer was accepted, conditional on the sale of my condo. I breathed a sigh of relief, but I breathed too soon.

Twelve hours later, I got a call: after six months of being on the market, the house had a second offer that was firm. I had 48 hours to commit, or walk away. I then learned that my condo was worth less than I had been told. And I couldn't make up the difference in my mortgage, because Canada's has new, stringent mortgage rules, despite my good credit!

I had 48 hours to decide. Do I take the risk? I thought about my Solar Return (moving, gambling).Then the book that had been on the night stand popped in too: Ask and it is Given.

You may be called to do life differently now

I never ask for anything. Which made asking one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I picked up the phone to ask family for help, just in case. On the phone, help was not only there but I didn't even have to ask! When I got off the phone, I cried.

The next task was to sell my condo and the intensity never stopped. I hired movers to help me de-clutter. Crazy business. Late nights. An injured arm, and lugging things around. Photographers, cleaners. When it went on the market, I had to get out of the house. So I worked in coffee shops with Wifi.

My condo sold in a day, firm, at the timing I wanted. Once the abundance started, it didn't stop. I was offered a chance to buy many beautiful antique pieces and artwork (just to my taste) from the owners, as they're downsizing. I'm also connecting with others, offering assistance. On the financial side, I'm getting more consulting work lined up and 2014 is looking good.

Your vision... is just a starting point

Change starts with a vision, but we're being asked to hold our visions lightly now. When you plan, be open to new insights and surprises. Notice the signs, and trust your intuition. Remain flexible to changing plans. Apply effort. Maybe even take a bit of a risk. Change may ask you to face a fear. It may ask you to receive setbacks curiously, and seek new ways.

If you stay steady, focused, on course, you will reach a tipping point, where abundance tumbles in like a flood (though it may look different than you thought). Setbacks transform into opportunities and even protection. Assistance comes in the most unexpected ways, often just when you need it (and often not before).

What if you could receive more than you ask for?

Starting in December, I'll be living in a beautiful three bedroom 160 year old heritage home. Restored pine floors. A gas fireplace and a gas stove. Leaded and stained glass windows. A houseful of French antiques and art. Exquisitely decorated (and taken care of) with love. A landscaped garden and a beautiful, peaceful street with big trees. Friendly people. A smaller mortgage, and smaller monthly expenses too.

This home is more than I could have imagined and it still feels a bit unreal to me, as if I'll disappear before moving in. I felt that way when I bought my condo, too – this expansion must be a good sign.

The new rules of change are no longer linear. Whatever your dream, be open to new directions as you get new information. See the signs. Tackle the fears that are yours to tackle. Be curious about setbacks. Engage passionately and follow your heart. Understand also that all will be perfect — even if you have to walk away.

And if you find that your soul's destiny is pulling you in a different direction than you envisioned... stop and listn. Your dear imagination may just need to catch up to what's possible for you now.

Meaning of life articles for your heart. Created with love.

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