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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Trust they’ll find their way

Trust they'll find their way
“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”
– George MacDonald

Standing in the rapids that surround you,
... are you able hold onto your bliss?

Very good.

Now... think of those you love.

Are you able hold onto your bliss
... even if they cannot hold on to theirs?

There’s a task ahead.
It’s not giving them the answer.
It’s with you...
It’s your task, because you have the consciousness to ask.

The soulmate that you’re longing to meet...
Longing to meet you too.

The loved ones already in your life...
Wanting to hang onto the past.
Willful, headed for heartbreak.
Draining you dry in a film that never ends.
Angry at you for changing.
Resenting the boundaries you never set before.

All of them.
Trust they’ll find their way.

Would you deny the caterpillar its struggle
... if you knew the butterfly would have crippled wings?

Strong, Big Shouldered People.
Giving People.
Relentlessly Helpful People.
Fix-It Specialists.

Are you resisting?
Worried, worried, worried for your Loves?
Ask yourself...

Are you able to stand in your power, without your uniform?

The Wise One.
The Coach
The Savior.
The Helper.
The Therapist.
The Together One
The One with the Good Relationship
The Brilliant Advisor
The One That Knows

Be honest (I won’t tell). Is it their reluctance or yours?
Trust they’ll find their way.

Spiritual Masters.
Sensitive Hearts...

Do you need another reason?

In the spiritual realms (as I understand them)
...Enlightenment can only be attained if someone SEEKS IT themselves.
...FREE WILL is paramount!
...Not honouring another’s free will creates karma.

Your way is not their way.
Their way is not yours.
But both... are... Ways.

If your Beloved thrashes when you offer help not blind them with your solution!

Give them a gift.
The gift of themselves, wherever it may lead.
Allow them to shift and find the strength.
Witness their journey, but do not drive for them.

Soulmate seekers!
Practice what it will be like when you meet...

Imagine the man who will be strong enough to support you where you are.
Imagine the woman who will inspire you to embark on feats of strength for her.

Trust they’ll find their way... to you.

Growth is a natural law.
It may be slow. It may be underground.
It may meander or wind around.
It may get lost in a rabbit hole...
But growth is a natural law. Growth will occur.

What happens when a plant is covered in concrete?
You know this: she will grow up through the cracks.

Trust they’ll find their way.

You know, you’re not their only ally.
They have an army working for them.
Their Higher Self.
Their guides.
Perhaps, their Angels.
And Time.

Because we can shift right up until our last breath.

Now breathe yourself. Make the choice Love would make.

Trust they’ll find their way.

Meaning of life poetry... for your heart.

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