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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

This is your birthright (tap into it)

This is your birthright (tap into it)

Technology can be helpful get things done or get the word out.
To touch base or ground an intention
(like finding your soulmate)
But machines are manipulations.
A shinier, slimmer iPhone is not progress.
And technology may deserve our notice...
but it not does not deserve our devotion.

When you're seeking self-trust.
When you're unsure of what to do next.
Do not ask the machine.
Do not ask the institution.
Do not ask science.
Do not rely on a guru...

Rely on you.
Gather information, certainly.
Have experiences.
But then... go back into nature.
Put your bare feet on the ground.
Ask your soul.

Our science documents natural laws.
Our Scientists Discover – as the masses are ready to see.
Science is fascinating. Helpful, at times.
But do not make it into a God.
Science and spirituality must expand together.
(the Atlanteans made this mistake)

So go ahead. Have fun with technology.
Use it to get something done.
Meet someone you desire.
But do not mistake technology as truth.

The truth is inside you!
The ability to create reality.
It's what makes you unique from all other creatures.

So between spurts of expansion...
when you (whew) feel still...remember.
You are connected to the earth. She will help you.
Get off the computer!
Go into the woods.
Connect with your animal friends.

Your unique capacity to create.
Your expanding consciousness.
This is your birthright.
You have free will: take it.

Learn from the Atlanteans.
Resist the shiny objects.
Resist duty without reflection.
Peacefully live life on your terms.

Here's a radical idea!
Care less about what other people think.

Like nature, you will begin to sense the lies...
(and recognize the liars)

Your soulmate will come.
For you will be drawn to those who resonate in kind.

You may too, find your soul family.
And together, you may meditate outside one morning...
feeling each other across an ocean.
Seeing the Lion taking over the machine.

Meaning of life poetry... for your heart.

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