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2012 planet alignment: what it is and how it's changing you

About this section of my site

The 2012 planet alignment continues to be a hot topic long after December 21, 2012 and with good reason. This section of my site will contain articles to help you understand the 2012 phenomenon (it's real, but depending how long you've been seeking may be different than you think). Most importantly, I'll share what it all means to your life and to your heart.

Tips for using these 2012 articles

“The starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection.”
–Carl Jung

There's many books worth of information on the 2012 planet alignment and I can't possibly cover everything. So I'm going to bottom-line what I know for you and share research I've found helpful and most credible to me.

Use these articles to get up to speed quickly. Where you feel called to do so, go deeper with your own research. Use your head and your heart. Keep seeking!

As you may know, I'm a plain language consultant who writes on financial topics. This means that I'm used to digging through complexity and re-writing it simply. The 2012 planet alignment topic is one of the most complex I've tackled. It took me two years of studying before I felt comfortable writing about it.

I hope the following is helpful to you, on your own journey.

How I came to explore the 2012 planet alignment

I had spent a dozen years diving deep into my own healing and learning about karma, energy and consciousness. I had written a fictional book based (thematically) on my own spiritual awakening. I'd also created a website about soulmates exploring the mysteries of relationship.

After all this, I still wasn't clear on why the 2012 planet alignment topic was such a big deal. And - why there is so much hysteria attached to it.

So in 2011, I began to seriously investigate the 2012 planet alignment and related topics like the 2012 Mayan prophecy. I wanted to cut through all the hype to the truth. Or at least as close as any of us can get.

Most importantly (for me) I wanted to know how this information could add meaning to my life. I was interested not just in the science and history, but the Heart of the matter, if you will.

How and why the 2012 planet alignment affects you

I do realize that more explanation may be needed for some of you reading about this for the first time. Read, and keep an open mind. Ask your heart where to go next. Before I dive in, here's a bit of a foundation so we're on the same page.

Planets cycle in orbits. As they do, they come close to and align or make certain angles with other planetary bodies. These alignments create energy, like gravitational forces, which influence what's around them. The most obvious result of these forces are ocean tides which are created by the forces of the Moon, the Sun and the Earth.

Astrology also gives us symbolic information about cycles. Cycles of our souls yes, but also the cycles of the planets, galactic bodies, the Earth itself. If you want more on this massive topic, I recommend that you read Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas, Ph.D.

As our bodies are mostly water, it makes sense that we're influenced by the planets. This is why the 2012 planet alignment topic is significant.

2012 planet alignment is about cycles within cycles

Calendar cycles of the Earth have been documented by not only the ancient Mayan people, but many other ancient people as well. If you're interested in the histories of ancient people and their calendar systems, I suggest that you read the books about 2012 at the Association of Research and Enlightenment.

Before we go any further, I also want to clarify: referring to one 2012 planet alignment is incorrect. there are many cycles at play and many alignments. There are grand cycles, and short cycles and cycles within cycles. There are different alignments that come up all the time. Their influences combine. The information is very complex.

Allow me to distill a massive amount of information into a few simple ideas:

  • Everything in our universe goes through cycles and within those, energetic alignments
  • Cycles occur for planets, galactic systems, countries and also for individual souls (and more)
  • Everything in our universe naturally grows, expands and evolves: nature is the purest example of this
  • Natural growth is cyclical: in fact, it's a spiral
  • Spiritual growth is an upward spiral
  • At the end of a cycle, we either evolve and go up the spiral, or we repeat a cycle (literally going in circles!).

The 2012 planet alignment is most significantly related to the completion of a major cycle that's 25,920 years long. We're all here, as living witnesses to the end of this cycle and we're called to make a choice. Simply said: continue up the spiral, or repeat the cycle.

For a scientific explanation of this cycle (including detailed calculations), I suggest that you listen to David Wilcock's online audio series Wisdom Teachings on or read David's book Source Field Investigations. He goes into a breathtaking amount of scientific detail around this.

Gregg Braden has done some great work bridging science and spirituality as well. Also listen to the YouTube videos by David Icke who's been in the game for 30 years.

Earth is shifting from 3D to 4D

As Earth is literally at the end of this 25,920 year cycle now, there has been a lot of hysteria about what this means. Some have jumped to the conclusion that it means the end of the world. You've probably seen all the end of world 2012 stuff out there or maybe now it's died down.

But the 2012 planet alignment did not mean the end of the world. It was however, the end of one way of being and an invitation to shift to a new way of being. As we all have free will, we get to choose whether or not to grow.

The Earth too, is a consciousness. She has chosen growth. In this case, the Earth is shifting from (what some call) 3D to 4D reality. Some say 4D to 5D, but the sources I resonate most with say 3D to 4D. The 2012 planet alignment helped facilitate this energetic up-shift, which is very difficult to describe in human words (so I don't get too attached to the words).

You have free will: you get to choose

The bottom line is that we're witnessing a truly remarkable time in the earth's history, as we finish the 25,920 year cycle. We have a choice to make. To either:

  • Go with the Earth as she shifts to 4D (some call this ascension which is a long process rather than a sudden event), or
  • Remain in 3D and repeat the 25,920 year cycle.

No matter what we choose, the Earth will move to 4D.

You see, the Earth doesn't need us as much as many people think she does. She is a being. She is powerful. She has choosen to grow, with or without us.

The Shift to 4D is not instant

The 2012 planet alignment was NOT one moment in time. Exactly when The Shift to 4D will be complete is uncertain. I've heard anywhere from five years, to 90 years and more.

Personally, I believe that our (slower) physical reality here will take a while to catch up to the energy, which moves much more quickly. Also, I believe that many things will need to radically change before all that is living on the Earth is completely 4D.

Finally, I personally wonder if the completion of The Shift to 4D will vary from one soul to the next simply because each of our experiences and soul journeys are so unique. There are people who came to this information decades ago, there are those waking up now, and those who will awaken in the future. So I don't expect The Shift and changes on earth to be complete in my lifetime.

What to do with this information

It may feel uncomfortable, but what's happening now is the most natural thing in the world. You're waking up. Life is prompting you to seek. To ask. To look within. To become aware of the shift the Earth is experiencing. To seek more about the 2012 planet alignment. To become more aligned with universal truth, and to leave behind 3D habits not aligned with the peaceful and Loving energy of 4D.

Here's what to do: Know that your urge to seek, your restlessness. The change that's happening around you. Know that this is good, even if it's uncomfortable. Meet your life fully. This is how you'll shift. This is what your search on the 2012 planet alignment is about. You are awakening.

If you only do one thing: practice kindness. Expand your curiosity and use your head and your heart to make decisions. Be open to experiencing what will assist you to grow. Seek the meaning of life.

Don't believe me: keep seeking. Treat life on Earth like the adventure it is. The further you journey along, the more you will discover. Bit by bit, if you're open to it, you will create and re-create your reality.

The 2012 planet alignment was just the beginning.

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