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The Worst Decision You could Make

I have two sides of me which often fight like two kids wrestling for control. Does this sound familiar to some of you?

There’s who I call the Logical Planner. She’s the side of me that puts one foot in front of the other, in an order that builds. She’s the one who helped me plough through my MBA and who rewards me for following the “rules” and having a plan.

Then there’s the side I call the One That Trusts. She’s the gal that takes leaps into the unknown. She orchestrated me leaving the 9 to 5, when I had nowhere to go. She pushed me to buy my first condo, without looking at any others.

When I make major decisions in my life, they don't begin and end on instinct. And they aren't all about the numbers, either. They not only feel right, but the logic lines up. Making a major decision without asking both your logical and intuitive sides could turn out to be the worst decision you could make.

So how do we stop our “kids” from fighting? How do we get them to play nice, respect one another’s strengths, create and imagine together in a productive to and fro. How can they help us create... a prosperous and inspired life?

When I sense or desire change, I begin with the One That Trusts at my side. I follow the breadcrumbs. Walk amongst the trees and listen for her whispers. When I get an a ha... I invite Logical Planner to the table. Over weeks, I may do research, take courses, read books, talk to others who have done it. Yep, I crunch numbers too. In between, I go back into the forest.

Once I get my head around what’s most successfully done – I then feel free, if I choose, to consciously bend the rules. That is, knowingly make a decision most closely aligned with my purpose, my resources, my tolerance for risk – and my heart. When I’m no longer listening to others’ opinions, when a decision take on some urgency as if I’m outrunning a wave – I know it’s time to leap.

The Logical Planner, and the One that Trusts are still in a tug of war sometimes. They still wrestle, argue and play. But despite their antics, I know: they’re both looking out for me. On their own, they are two separate sides of myself... together they are my discernment...

...and united, are greater than the sum of their parts.

So follow your hunches, but learn the facts. Crunch the numbers and tap into your heart. Immerse yourself in the research and before you decide, talk to a lake. Is this the time you’re going to consciously bend the rules?

Sending much love to the discerning rule-breakers out there.

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