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While making breakfast one morning, I listened to an interview that compelled me to excitedly point at my iPad, exclaiming Yes! Yes! That's it!

The internet radio host was interviewing Catherine Austin-Fitts. She's a “follow the money” expert, with a vast mind, deep faith and wry wit.

Years ago, Catherine spent some time as an investment banker and an entrepreneur among other things. During those years, she gifted over $250,000 to friends and family who needed it.

Fast forward, she found herself in a position where she needed the financial support (hers is a harrowing story, too long to get into here).

In short, she said Yes to transparency and No to corruption. Then spent six million dollars and eleven years fighting federal prosecution.

She sold everything she owned. She endured harassment and threats on her life.

As she tells it, some family and friends stuck around. Many dropped her. A few said she helped us, and now she needs our help. But it wasn't enough.

A well-off relative witnessed her past generosity. He was in a position to help. So for a number of years, he gifted her the money that she says, kept her alive.

What drew me to point excitedly at my iPad was this.

Catherine found it interesting that the support she needed didn't come from those she had given money to. She said it was as if she was being supported by this great Mandela of Life.

I was excited because I've experienced this myself: the more I focus on my creative life, the more corporate work chips in to pay the bills.

It makes no logical sense, but there it is.

Only to say... be open to your Mandela of Life, your Mandela of Possibilities.

For when your love, money, energy goes out in one direction... the flow may return from another.

Your Yes (and your gratitude) – is what allows a flow to continue.
Your No – gives feedback to The Field.

Saying No... is often misunderstood as negative. It is not! Saying No steers your ship around the rocks, and helps repel rocks as you continue.

I touch on this in my book Back to the Water... that No is a “lost word”. A word more of us need to use, to create the change we say we want. It's a simple idea. But I believe this to be a profound truth.

Today, Catherine continues to say No to corruption and Yes to truth. And she's growing, attracting thousands more people like herself at The Solari Report.

There are no guarantees in this life. Of course not.

But! There is much we can shift and create...

Your Mandela of Possibilities is nourished by loving attention.

Your Mandela of Possibilities grows with the depth of your imagination!

Did you get that?

If so, go forth! You have everything you need...

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