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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Names divides you

Name it. This is something we like to do.
A natural tendency we have.
To organize vastness into tiny little boxes.
Do so if you must, but know this.
Names divides you.

At first in your spiritual awakening,
   your naming may expand you.
But after the rush of identification...
Naming what you believe,
   or naming who you believe you are.

You reach a point.
The expansion stops, and then...
Names divides you.

Do you see how?
Or do you have a name for this idea...
Here are some juicy ones.

Chop, chop, chop into little bitty pieces.

Healer. Guru. Light Worker. God. Oppressive. Christian. New Age. Catholic. Muslim. Buddhist. Gay. Straight. White. Libertarian. Atheist. Enlightened. Presbyterian. Men are. Metaphysician. Anglican. Agnostic. Liberal. Bad. Master. Shill. Conservative. Green. Mormon. Buddha. Black. Democrat. Us. Allah. Republican. Women are. Feminist. Sheeple. Bi. Trans. Cis. Good. Unenlightened. Ascended master.

On and on and on...

Names divides you.
Not just the naming, but your squabbles about it.
If you use this one, you’re good.
If you don’t use this one, you’re bad.

What to do? Notice.
Allow the shifting of your perspective.

Do you seek your soulmate?
Get clear, yes. As well as you can name.
Describe the feeling you want.
And then let all the names go... inviting more.
   all that which cannot be named.
   all that sensation which you cannot imagine.
Names divides you.

One day, words will no longer be needed
To see the intention in a human heart.
That day is not today.
But we can help things along...
   If instead of naming what divides us
   We see what we have in common.
Names divides you.

If you cannot avoid the naming.
If you seek that rush of identification as an experience.
That’s okay. Avoid the seriousness of it all.
For when you can laugh, expansion resumes.

We are more than the names we create.
Much more (they know it too).
(divide and conquer)

Words are part of our reality.
They are useful. Necessary to get around.
Write, write, write… if that’s your talent.
Use words to discover.
To help.
To inspire.
To connect.

If we get this. Really get this now.
Nothing will stop us...

Meaning of life poetry... for your heart.

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