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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

You are not off track! (here’s why)

When you cast your imagination,
you plant a seed (invoke a matrix!)
Yet as time flows, things change
Obstacles arise, out of your control
Your soil becomes richer or depletes
Your heart may change
You may jump timelines!

In the area of your desire,
you may be living at a tipping point.
Where the moment after you ask, you receive.
It is possible!
Please have faith (and knowing)
This might be you...

But if before receiving, you find a delay
...forming in the wake of your desire.
Wait knowing.....Maintain trust
These words are the greatest task of all.
For your dreams are stirring!
But instead of your wish dropping into your lap,
your intentions may instead kick off a journey.

You are not off track!
You are on track.
The track... is just a different shape than you expected.

As you wait knowing
throw yourself into what you love!
Embrace an idea bigger than yourself
Build something!
Strengthen your voice
Spread a great truth
Write your heart out!
Revive a talent you once had as a child
Plant a garden!

Expand your experience...
Hike through a forest
Build a house
Heal your heart
Scale a mountain
Play with a child
Plunge deep into the ocean!
Hug a tree.

You are not off track!
Each spark leads you to the next
The experiences
The people
Your connectors
The magnetic space
Your chosen responses and again

This is your life, unfolding

Be grateful for all that you do receive!
Take nothing for granted!
For gratitude is magnetic.

Here’s a secret:
Your seeking is meant to change you: this is the point
And as you change, don’t be surprised
...if you change what you’re seeking, and
...if your desires become powerful carrots that spur you on.

You are not off track!
Delays... are detours showing you somewhere new
Pauses... are times to gather strength
Twists and turns... hone flexibility and discernment
New information... reveals new possibilities
Substitutions... may be better than you imagined!

Do this and doors previously closed will open!
Your job then becomes SEEING with new eyes
... and knowing when to step through.

Meaning of life poetry... for your heart.

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