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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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Making sense of my senses

I used to be lousy at reading people.

Okay, that’s not exactly it. I used to be able to read them. But my interpretation skills sucked.

Over the years, I’ve taken some awesome missteps.

  • With 20/20 hindsight, I’ve pushed... when I should have held back.
  • I’ve ignored body language and behavior... trusting the words.
  • I’ve said nothing, when I should have spoken my peace… and got the heck out of there.
  • I’ve sputtered anxiously… diminishing or entangling me further.

Faced with a new potential relationship I’d feel something off – but I’d miss the message.

  • When faced with vague responses, I took on the responsibility of moving this train along.
  • When faced with ambiguity, I’d think: I need to be more assertive. Those that don’t ask, don’t get.
  • When faced with the lack of respect, I’d slip into glazed silence as words stuck in my throat.
  • When someone didn't respond, I’d go into frozen confusion.

Again and again... when I trusted the outer signs over my inner senses, I got the wrong message. When I took control, the train went off the rails. When I asked too soon, the answer was No, No – and No.

I didn’t trust the truth to rise up on its own, without my assistance. When it did rise up, I didn’t see it. When I did see it, I rationalized the message away.

All of this is a true part of my past. But here’s where it lead me.

I know now that my lesson wasn’t to be more assertive or even (gag) – more understanding.

The invitation was to make sense of my senses. To get better at noticing my intuitive hunches... and acting promptly in alignment with them.

It all sounds so simple, so glib. Like The Secret Five-Step System Guaranteed to Find Your Soulmate in Six Days or Less!

Yes, I do believe that it can be that easy for some.

And... everyone’s different.

And... walking a tightrope of tension at the beginning of a relationship is part of the journey for all.

The question is... when does natural, healthy tension grow tentacles? When do you breathe through it, and when is it time to cut your losses and walk away?

You already know the answer.

Accept the tension as change unfolds. Be curious about where it will lead. Allow the present to express... with your presence, but not your interference.

If you’re dating right now, or pondering an existing relationship, picture the exchange of energy between the two of you.

  • Is the energy free-flowing or blocked? Calm or turbulent?
  • Are your water levels sinking… or rising up?
  • Are the two of you like waves that cleanly break, smoothing the next. Or are you a pool that sits stagnant, lined with muck.
  • Do you evaporate in the light of day? Or are you a bubbling river on it’s way to an ocean?

When questions rise up, remind yourself this isn’t a race.

Ask to know the truth that will support your highest self and your desires for your life!

If things aren’t clear, ponder that. Sit amongst the flowers. Plunge yourself into a lake. Hug a tree!

Then before you go to bed, ask for the answer you seek that day. You do have that power! In fact, you came here at this time to claim it.

Make it a priority to sense your senses.

For wherever you are in your soul(mate), soul(path) search...

... your senses will be the guide... that will never let you down.

P.S. One last soulmate tip. Women: Choose a man who can nurture you. Men: Choose a woman who appreciates what you give. Nuff said.

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