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Back to the Water cover

A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

Moondance cover

An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Without [imagination], you won’t
manifest your dreams

We have a problem.

The web of technology connects us to data
Yet it also depletes our capacity
… to find answers for ourselves!

Instead of plugging-in to the network of our own remembering
... the sensory network of our hearts.
We instead connect to another’s web of priorities
... giving our own connection away!

Do you understand?
Without imagination, you won’t manifest your dreams

In the pursuit of dreams, you may have chosen
... to adopt another's systems (how's)
There is nothing wrong with this!
... as long as you keep your own wits about you.

Drawing discernment from the ocean of your soul.

It’s not following orders, or memorizing that makes us special
... it’s our imagination and capacity to create something new!

Our imagination
... is the fuel of manifestation
...the referee of change
Some say, it's the doorway life and death itself!

And yet, all around us - interference!
Sound bites. Advertising.
Orders to follow.
Political correctness.

Look around!
It’s as if our world encourages what’s manufactured for us
... and ridicules what’s real inside us.
(around and around and around)

Why is that, do you think?

Imagination must be free to flow and function.

Is the fuel of Creation!
The way of real progress!
The energy of ascension!
Without imagination, you won’t manifest y(our) dreams

The solutions to the problems that face you!
The solutions to the problems that face us!
ARE NOT served up by committees.
They are served up from within us!
(as we are ready to see)

Imagine, a Beatle once said.

Imagine what would happen if
... consciousness was Front Page News
... children were taught to understand themselves
... diversity included a cosmic family
... people accepted (like gravity) natural law!

What would happen is a Quantum Shift!
A Creative Tidal Wave!
Wiping clean the shores of our existence
... and inspiring growth for generations!

But until we reach that tipping point, it’s up to us by one by one.

They may say I’m crazy.
They may say there’s nothing to see here!
Stop exploring reality
...go back to watching Reality TV!

Your imagination is meant to be unleashed!
Say NO to anything that separates you.
Say YES to what is yours!

At this moment... imagine
... Your dreams manifesting
... Peace “out of the blue”
... Soulmates finding one another!
... Soul families re-forming
... Needed inventions discovered
... Strength mounting
... Truth rising up
... Darkness disintegrating
... Bodies healing
... Voices being heard
... Souls awakening!

Just imagine.

Meaning of life poetry... for your heart.

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