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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Hold your heart steady

Hold your heart steady

When the flames of fear threaten to ignite you, turn.
Turn your attention to what’s around you.
Turn off your phone.
Turn back inside.
Hold your heart steady.

You're changing and Earth is changing too.
Around us, it may be a bumpy at times...
as life catches up with the light.
Handling the change is part of why you’re here.
Part of your spiritual awakening.

Your awakening creates ripples.
Your desire creates ripples.
New love.
New work.
A new way to be.

The currents will move you forward.
When they capture you
...hold your heart steady.
There’s a quiet pool at the end of the rapids.
Rest there, then continue to swim.

Beware of Armegeddon thinking.
For if you prepare for a disaster prepare for disaster to find you.

Your shifts may be sharp or gradual.
Like an earthquake... or like erosion.
But did you know?
You have the power to choose!
Change... without the explosion.
A peaceful transition.
Gentle release.

Which do you prefer?
Remember! You can ask for it.

There will be change.
For some, there will be volatility.
Dramatic endings.
Loss, bumps and bruises.
But! What you experience is up to you.

When the churning begins...
Unplug from the static.
Ask to draw down your higher self.
Listen for your soul’s whispers.

I’ll tell you a secret.
All the drama.The catastrophes.
It’s all a reflection.
The calm is, too.
What’s real is the source of the reflection:
the frequency of your heart.

Peace warriors!
Powerful creators!
Remember this...

The volatility does not only destroy: it creates.
Even in a storm...
You can manifest your soulmate relationship.
You can have the life of freedom and abundance.
You can touch people around the world.
You can be free.

You are remembering your heart.
It is incredibly powerful.
You are Magic, you know.
Do not allow your power to be hijacked.
Hold your heart steady.

Choose your way trhough.
Travel safely through the storm.
Or avoid the storm altogether.
Remember when you could do that?
Draw your talents down today.

Rise up now.
Awaken your power!
It is time.
It is overtime.

Meaning of life poetry... for your heart.

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