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Enlightenment definition for the sincere modern seeker

I've put this enlightenment definition together using a combination of others' work that I trust and my own intuition. I hope that it inspires you as you journey on your unique path to enlightenment.

Enlightenment definition for modern seekers
“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.”
– Lao Tzu

The Law of One says “We cannot offer shortcuts to enlightenment. ... It can only be accomplished by the self, for the self”.

An enlightenment definition that I resonate with as well, is that while enlightenment is the ultimate goal of spiritual growth, it is not a static, fixed goal. Instead it's more like a fusion between our bodies and physical lives and the sea of energy we swim in. Rather like a shimmering light connecting our hearts with the energy around us.

Confession: I have a bit of a bias

For me, the word enlightenment has a bit of a charge to it. That's because it's easy for people (from the ego) to declare that they are enlightened and therefore, superior.

I sincerely believe that (in this fast-food world) many gloss over or underestimate the dedication it takes to truly become enlightened. Achieving enlightenment isn't easy and I don't think it's supposed to be.

What enlightenment is and what it isn't

“The final ‘state’ ... is a form of vibration, a back and forth between the sea of love and the blissful life force.“
– Tara Springett

Another enlightenment definition that works for me describes it as our unique journey toward divinity. Along the way, we may begin to have powers that some might call psychic, paranormal or supernatural. But really, what we're doing is re-connecting with who we really are.

Enlightenment is not...

According to the Law of One enlightenment definition, you can not learn Enlightenment. It's also not something that another person can teach you, or bestow up on you with their touch. Though I wouldn't recommend using the Law of One (or anything!) as "gospel", this resonates for me.

Further...enlightenment is also not:

  • A technique (it's complete surrender to source)
  • A state of mind (it's closer to a state of heart)
  • A state of bliss (this is part of it, but not the whole picture)
  • Becoming psychic or supernatural (always, we must be careful of ego)
  • A fixed goal, something static or stuck in one place (it's shifting all the time)
  • Being in the now (this enlightenment definition transcends time)
  • Emptiness (this is a step, not the end in itself)
  • Freedom from your body (it's about stabilizing the physical and divine)
  • Freedom from other people (yes, we do need relationships)
  • Non-duality (it's integrating duality not eliminating it)
  • Self-made (it's a re-union with the source that is all)
  • Solitary (we do need to surrender with source or deity to achieve)

What enlightenment is

The Law of One says that enlightenment is awakening to intelligent infinity. Some may call this enlightenment definition consciousness, a deity, the source field or simply love. Enlightenment is also...

  • A journey to re-claiming the divine within you
  • A constant balancing of compassion (love) and wisdom (joy, happiness, success power)
  • Using each experience you have in your life to move closer to Love
  • A complete surrender and merging with source or a deity (you do not become enlightened alone)
  • A direct opening to intuition, dreams, what another enlightenment definition might call psychic ability
  • The conscious awakening to kundalini energy (kundalini is an accelerant, not the ultimate goal)
  • A journey to illuminate the chakras (chakra function is important, but not the ultimate goal)
  • Humility throughout this process (ego may create karmic backlash)
  • Understanding too, that you don't have all the answers (neither do I and neither do chanellers)
  • In your life, the freedom to be who you want to be (you live your essence and if you don't, you will be guided back)
  • In the end over lifetimes, your re-union with source.

Role of kundalini in enlightenment

In her book Enlightenment through the Path of Kundalini, author and Buddhist psychotherapist Tara Springett describes her enlightenment definition in wonderful detail. She says that active kundalini is also called ‘tummo” in Tibetan Buddhism and that kundalini awakening is like a fast-track toward enlightenment. Tara works one-on-one with people all over the world experiencing painful kundalini symptoms, by the way. I personally recommend her if you need support.

Getting hung up on words

Enlightenment definition, ascension, spiritual development, expansion, these are all words that describes an energetic process which really: is beyond words. So please don't get hung up on terminology.

What to do next

“Enlightenment must come little by little – otherwise it would overwhelm.”
– Idries Shah

You can't go wrong by following your heart to the next step, the next puzzle piece. If you're seeking enlightenment, experience life. Expand your enlightenment definition. Then, respond with as much love as you can muster.

How's your heart doing?

Kundalini awakening in real life

For those who wonder what the signs of spiritual awakening look like in modern life, I invite you to read my book, Moondance, an addictive spin on life, love and the nature of reality.

I hope you enjoyed this enlightenment definition

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