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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Will you accept this Invitation?

Hello, it’s Karen M. Black, author of the awakening novel Moondance and the groundbreaking memoir Back to the Water.

Here on Heart Explorations, I write about my own journey of spiritual awakening. I've delved into a variety of topics, from the signs of spiritual awakening, enlightenment and more.

Moondancing is a soul letter. For ten years, I sent Moondancing every few weeks, or when it felt right. Today, you can receive the best Moondancing issues, sent gently to your InBox. What I hear is that it doesn't matter when you read Moondancing... you'll get what you need in the moment.

If you're on an awakening journey, Moondancing may serve as a touchpoint for you, or as a reflection as you unravel your own heart. So you know, I'll also send you the occasional email when you sign up "touring" you around my site and some of the spiritual research I've uncovered over the years.

As always, take what resonates and discard the rest.

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    Six ways to know instantly if you're off-track (and six secrets to getting back on)”.


    Did you figure? The Moon represents emotion...

    “I think you are gifted, one who can help others relate to you and to themselves.”
    – Helen, Toronto

    By the way, the name Moondancing comes from my book Moondance, which explores the sometimes confusing nature of spiritual awakening in the modern world.

    When I wrote Moondancing, I was mining my own inner life. What I found is that my words not only helped me, but spoke to what others were experiencing too.

    Yes. Symbolically, the Moon represents emotion. If fact, it's the mediator between our inner and outer world.

    And for me, the Dance is about flowing... and creating with the cycles of life.

    Moondancing... helps you trust yourself

    In each issue of Moondancing, I share my stories about life to help you enrich yours.

    At times, our heart leads and at times, it follows.

    Knowing which to trust and when, this Moondancing we all do, is an intricate business.

    Moondancing... helps you discern complexity

    Life here on earth is complex.

    Truth is elusive and wears many masks. Distractions abound!

    Our heads, Hearts, desires and the noise outside us compete for our attention!

    Information must be thoughtfully discerned and vetted deep inside.

    At the heart of it all of course, we're energy, we're connected and humanity is on the cusp of change.

    This is our journey... to experience in our own way.

    What I've learned is that Moondancing is not my creation alone. And it's not only a collective creation. It's a collective remembering.

    Whispers from Your Heart

    “There aren't many newsletters with content that has the depth and inspiration that yours does. So, I just wanted to take a minute after reading Did you hear? and say thank you for being an ever-present light that helps guide my way.”
    – Diane G.

    Moondancing is a string of words created by my heart, received by yours and transformed into the action of living.

    Over the years, readers have kindly written me to say that they've received exactly what they need to hear, when they need to hear it.

    As if whispers were coming from their own heart.

    Your responses to me in return... becoming Whispers from my heart.

    This is life. This is Moondancing.

    This is one way consciousness will expand...

    Just say YES!

    “Just read your latest issue and it was on target again. Witty, relatable and encouraging. Thank you for the inspiration. P.S. My sister echoes my sentiments from Spain...”
    – Roxanne Embleton, Toronto

    Yes, I’m ready

      P.S. – I hate spam, too! I'll never share your personal information with anyone, for any reason.

      Saying Yes to Moondancing is saying yes to your own, most intimate dance.

      Another way to immerse yourself in the mystery of life.

      It's about opening to your heart's whispers. Discovering your unique essence. Trusting your soul's call at every step.

      Perhaps Moondancing will speak to you. Perhaps its promptings will find you, just when you need them.

      You can have it all. In fact, you’re meant to.

      And we’re all in this together.

      Just say YES

      To Moondancing. To the Whispers of your own Heart.

      And to a helpful 16-page gift “Six ways to know instantly if you're off-track (and six secrets to getting back on”.

      Thanks for stopping by. Here's to you creating the life your soul intended,

      Karen M. Black BSc, MBA
      Heart Explorer

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      P.P.S. Are you the Odd Duck in your family? This is one of the many themes I explore in my groundbreaking family memoir Back to the Water...

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