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Saturn in karmic astrology: the secret to manifesting your purpose

Secret to accomplishing
your soul purpose

Hold on tight! We're about to do a deep dive into the secrets of Saturn in karmic astrology.

Committing to your Saturn is so important that I’m in the process of creating 24 pages about Saturn as it expresses in each astrological sign and house.

What if Saturn holds the key to accomplishing your soul purpose?

In astrology circles, Saturn often gets a bad rap. It’s the Lord of Karma. The “Greater Malefic”. Potential harm and disaster. It creates slow-downs, restrictions, painful disappointments, rejections and other karmic kicks in the butt.

In our day-to-day life, Saturn karma shows up as fear and anxiety and the painful experiences we have that don’t have a logical, direct cause. Traditionally interpreted, this suggests that we are not in charge of our fate – and we must submit to inevitable suffering where Saturn is concerned.

But are we really powerless over our Saturn karma? Are we like a worm, squirming on a hook, with nothing we can do? I just don't buy it.

Your words go right to the soul…

“Karen, I want to thank you for all the wonderful texts you are putting out there on your website! The information you share is so valuable to me. I took some time to read through your Saturn in Cancer article, did it step by step, because I sort of work through it instead of just reading it. Vulnerable, vulnerable Cancer, a big challenge, and a great opportunity at the same time.

You have a way of bringing a lot of information into a very readable and understandable short paragraph... What I especially like about your writing are the images you use. They go right to the soul, stir the souls space in a good way, plant a seed and touch the heart. My favorite one: swimming in the sea of spirit.” – Max, from Germany

Perhaps look at Saturn this way instead…

Yes, in karmic astrology Saturn is considered a karmic planet. And through working our way through difficult times, it can help orchestrate astonishing spiritual awakenings and catalyze inner strength.

But running away from Saturn isn't the answer. Embracing Saturn's lessons can help us move from fear into a deeper commitment to life. In fact, I’ve come to believe that living our Saturn – is the key to manifesting our soul purpose in the material world.

This might show up as an action that you avoid taking. Or a responsibility you run away or “take flight” from.

But instead of cowering in fear, what if Saturn is calling you to (finally!) own and face the reality about yourself.

Using the perspective of karmic astrology, Saturn energy shows up as fear and anxiety with an unclear source. That is, unconscious emotions or truths about yourself that you deny.

I see Saturn as a strict father. A father who may be strict, serious and even grumpy – but who does love us. And who wants us to achieve what want in life through rewarded effort.

Saturn is your unique bridge to spiritual maturity and earthly success – if you choose to walk it.

So, how does “taking responsibility” feel to you?

What do you think? Does Saturn karma still sound scary?

Well, if you’re a person who’s reckless, irresponsible – or avoiding reality and secretly looking to be rescued… I can see why Saturn karma is terrifying!

Ditto if you’re not willing to take responsibility in life and face your fears. Though I doubt that applies to most of the folks reading here…

Put it this way. If you’re willing to accept that Saturn is on your side… and you're willing to apply yourself! You’re going to get along with Saturn just fine.

Never forget, Saturn rules Capricorn. It is the master builder, the spiritual father. It's about integrity and honour. It governs empires! So Saturn’s slow downs aren’t the result of a Great Evil Obstructer.

Saturn wants you to dissolve the karmic fears that bind you. Then it wants you to succeed in the material world through responsibility, symbolized by your Saturn sign and house.

True confession: I am biased about Saturn

If I’m being a bit laissez faire about serious Saturn, it’s because I’m biased. I have the Sun, Mercury, Mars – and South Node (lots o’ karma) in Capricorn. Yeah. So when Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, says “take responsibility”, I naturally roll up my sleeves and get it done.

But I’m not immune to Saturn’s lessons. My Saturn is in Aquarius. So how I accomplish my soul purpose in the real world needs to be Aquarian in some way. Aquarius is rebellious, individualistic, unusual, free-thinking and humanitarian. It’s the internet and astrology. So I got that bit down.

But even so, I do feel fear being too “way out” at times. And I fear being misunderstood and rejected by friends due to my beliefs (though I’ve never experienced this).

Facing your Saturn karma is a “biggie”

In karmic astrology, there are a number of planets that give you hints on the karma you’re here to balance out and transform. Your Saturn karma is a biggie. In fact, it’s central to living soul purpose, represented by your North Node.

I practice karmic (or spiritual) astrology, so here's my perspective.

By sign and house, your Saturn reveals where you’ve fallen into extremes in past lives: either not stepping up in an area of life. Or overdoing it, wounding yourself or others, creating karma…

Saturn-related fear or anxiety is an invitation transform your fear into drive and determination.

Think of your Saturn as a wise teacher. It’ll show you where to get practical. Take responsibility, organize and commit to your soul purpose. Work through your fear, so it no longer holds your back. And leave your Saturn karma behind – for good.

Instead of fearing Saturn karma, see it as an opportunity to get it right this time. To walk a new road. To bring karmic “stuff” to the surface in order to heal it. To spiritually grow up – and grow wiser.

If you’re looking for ways to live your soul purpose, it’s worth taking some time to study your Saturn karma and potential by sign and by house (keep reading).

A personal note about healing past life karma

Personally, I don’t believe in doing past life work just for the curiosity of it. But if you’ve been struggling with a persistent fear that interferes with your life – then past life regression might be something to consider. My advice is: explore what resonates for you… take it as far as you can and repeat!

How too integrate your personality with your soul?

When I was first learning about Saturn and the Nodes in karmic astrology, I wasn’t sure how to integrate my personality with my soul. It all sounded so abstract to me.

But as I got clearer, I began to figure it out. And I developed FOUR STEPS to help others with the same questions:

…not because life is linear, or a step-by-step system, it’s really not imho.

…but because breaking it down in steps has the potential to create “ah-ha” moments.

Four steps to living your soul purpose using karmic astrology

(this is a bit of a re-cap from some other pages on my site)

  1. First, master your talents, represented by your South Node sign and house. This is the foundation from which you'll launch your future. To do this, study the highest potential of your South Node.
  2. Second, own your South Node karma by acknowledging the flip side of your South Node talents: those ingrained, not-so-lovely habits that keep you stuck. These are always 180 degrees opposite to your North Node.
  3. Third, step into the energy of your soul mission by adopting new EMOTIONAL RESPONSES and ATTITUDES represented by your North Node sign... in the AREAS OF LIFE represented by your North Node house. More: North Nodes by sign and house
  4. Fourth, walk the road of your soul mission by committing to your Saturn. Your bridge to accomplishment.

Saturn shows how to achieve… your purpose

Your Saturn by sign and house reveals HOW to put the “job” of your soul purpose into action.

Studying your Saturn will give you ideas and clues on how to:

  • Operate in the “real world”
  • Face fears that have held you back
  • Manifest and accomplish your soul purpose
  • Create goals, set priorities, and plan
  • Live a life of meaning and self-respect
  • Build a legacy

Saturn isn’t about gifts, windfalls and lottery wins. It rewards effort, persistence and hard work. It’s bestows the rewards that come from good planning and focusing on a goal.

Has Saturn delivered a difficult lesson to you recently? Check out your Saturn by sign and house. Look at where you ran away – or dropped the ball. Then gather your strength and try again. Remember, Saturn rewards realistic persistence.

Your Saturn karma by sign and house

I've started these pages in the fall of 2019 and will create them over the next number of months.

Don’t know your Saturn?

You can look it up on, or by reading my page on free karmic astrology. Or! Go ahead and book a private session with me. I offer Life Purpose sessions, and Life Purpose and Energies for the Year (Solar Return) sessions.

Saturn in karmic astrology – by sign

A.K.A. HOW to accomplish your soul mission

(May 2020: I am creating these as we speak)

Saturn in karmic astrology – by house

A.K.A. In what AREA OF LIFE to accomplish your soul mission

  • Karmic Saturn in the first house
  • Karmic Saturn in the second house
  • Karmic Saturn in the third house
  • Karmic Saturn in the fourth house
  • Karmic Saturn in the fifth house
  • Karmic Saturn in the sixth house
  • Karmic Saturn in the seventh house
  • Karmic Saturn in the eighth house
  • Karmic Saturn in the ninth house
  • Karmic Saturn in the tenth house
  • Karmic Saturn in the eleventh house
  • Karmic Saturn in the twelfth house

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