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Karmic Saturn in Pisces

Your karmic Saturn in Pisces holds the secret to manifesting your soul purpose.

Pisces symbolizes your karmic responsibilities, duties and obligations. It shows you what you need to do, and how to structure your life to achieve your soul purpose.

It's about facing your karmic (Pisces-related) fears. Then step-by-step, living empowered Pisces. Think of it another way…

Saturn in Pisces is the karmic reality you need to face about yourself. And once you do that, it becomes your bridge to accomplishment in the material world: the answer to your “how”.


Fears to face:
That others use you

Commitment to make:
Practical devotion and self-trust

Clues to “doing” your purpose in the real world

Pisces is emotion, belief, creativity: mystery and mysticism. Piscean realms are soft, unseen, multi-dimensional, universal. Saturn is so very different: structured, realistic and material.

Obviously, Saturn and Pisces are not natural playmates. Nevertheless…

With karmic Saturn in Pisces, you are bound to encounter situations that force you to turn inward and reflect... do some inner work. Perhaps you're healing. Or perhaps you're learning to love and trust yourself (first) without judgement.

Along the way, you may ponder what “faith” means to you… and receive a special invitation to join forces with the unseen. Heady stuff, right? Yet for you, especially if you are particularly earthy or left-brained, this may not be easy to do…

Keep this in mind: with this Saturn position, any and all extreme positions will backfire. Harsh atheism without reflection, child-like faith without discernment: these are a big no go. You're here to have a real relationship with the unseen, cultivate your infinite imagination, evolve your consciousness…

…and then embody live your hard-won spiritual wisdom and compassion… here on earth.

Even if you have impressive degrees, or are a staunch atheist, I am here to tell you: at a soul level, you are a spiritual seeker. But early on, with karmic Saturn in Pisces you may be a hard atheist to avoid this side of yourself. Or you may struggle with escapism or addiction (or have a loved one who does).

It's possible with this Saturn to feel disconnected and alone early on in your life. Even feel creatively blocked…

But the purpose of your trials is to teach you when to step up and when to surrender. To realize that your “will” is not (only) what steers your ship. You're here to get your ego out of the way at times, and co-create with the universe itself.

Saturn is ruled by pragmatic, uber-dependable Capricorn. In its highest sense, Pisces is Christ Consciousness, the connected nature of life…. the playground of the soul. But when stressed, Pisces can also be passive and escapist.

But do not despair! Saturn always symbolizes the area of life in which we'll feel some challenge and constriction. All of us have it. Saturn in Pisces is calling you to face your inner and outer reality.

You are here to join the “oneness” of life… but…

Pisces swims oceans and explores currents. But with Saturn in Pisces, you may resist the allowing, the natural unfolding of life. The “imprisonment” you read about with Pisces, is not (necessarily!) a physical jail cell. It's more about resisting your connection with consciousness and feeling abandoned (imprisoned) as a result.

In rare situations, Saturn in Pisces may involve a jail cell, or psychiatric institution… or another physically isolating situation. A situation that forces Saturn in Pisces to have the alone-time to truly reflect. Metaphorical or literal prisons, if we choose, can be catalysts for change. A fork in the road: fight the urges of your soul or surrender to them Hint: surrender is where your inner freedom lies.

Like the gentle waves that reach onto shore, and pull away (gently eroding the earth), there's a to and fro with this Saturn position. On one hand, Pisces has the capacity to selflessly gives one's energy for the good of the group… ignoring itself as an individual. In fact, Saturn in Pisces may justifiably fear that it will lose itself in a group, giving too much away.

But there is no need to dissolve who you are, to lower your boundaries so much that it drains you, to relinquish your strength to others. There is no need to become the victim of your own compassion. Yes, you are here to help in tangible ways…but only if you can give from a place of strength. Allow your Saturn to help you discern, help you say no. During the quiet times… fill yourself…

Consider your power to “serve” – rather than “save”. How can you thrive in your dedicated devotion… rather than withering under the weight of guilt and obligation. You are here to explore both unity of humankind and your own energetic expression… loveingly detached. You have the capacity to express love through your work and responsibility… based on its personal meaning and how it feels to you.

What tangles you up… is when you get caught in extremes. Either giving yourself away, attempting to “save” another, using your faith as a crutch that makes you helpless and passive… unable to care for yourself. Or… you may over compensate in the other direction… with “I am the guru, the master of my life”, turning your back on the Mystery of it all.

You may be drawn to volunteerism, compassionate service or care-giving for your nearest and dearest. You are a healer at heart… but you're here to organize and structure… and make real your gifts. Not to (only) daydream about them.

Your challenges… are the keys to your consciousness

You have all of this great potential inside you! Yet living your Pisces on Saturn's terra firma can begin with a crises, loss, or emotional despair. Sometimes, the emotional suffering is yours, and sometimes it's witnessing others you secretly wish to heal.

But despair is not your fate… this life is the integration of all that has come before you. Manifesting your faith at this time, in a whole new way… aligned with your soul.

These disappointing experiences, your loss of faith… are a call to turn inward. At these tender times, avoid thoughts of martyrdom: this does not serve you. Cultivate peace. A relationship with your higher self, your guides, your intuition, nature – you know the ways that work for you.

You know those people who you wanted desperately to save? Be there if you must, but limit your time. Saying no to their abuse… is a kindness to their soul. It gives them space to evolve themselves.

The good news is that with some good old Saturnian effort, you have the capacity to “upshift” your soul. Saturn in Pisces is complex, unusual even… keep in mind that this is the end of a karmic cycle of learning for you. You are facing lessons previously unlearned… from past lifetimes. Your task is to “dissolve” and integrate this growth into your life.

At first, “doing” your karmic Saturn will not be easy peasy. This could lead you to choose the wrong people, play “victim saviour”. Go along with belief systems of guilt, punishment and sin. Then reject faith altogether by loudly declaring that life means nothing. Round and round and round…

Freedom from this painful pattern is possible. But with Saturn, it will not be rose-coloured, passive escapism that will save the day: it will be your grounding your spiritual understanding.

More on that religion thing…

Saturn abhors laziness and rewards effort. So your progress will be in proportion to how much effort you put in to turn your “do what it takes” Saturn around. Progress may be slow, but don't give up!

Pisces is about mystery, unity and the emotions that can overwhelm us. But it's not that we must live “outside of our body” – you're here to live your earthly life in connection: rather than unattainable perfection. Yet before you find your faith and live it, Saturn in Pisces may serve up some lessons:

  • Participation in religious systems based on strict rituals, sin and punishment
  • Meeting a guru or channel, that demands your unquestioning devotion (careful – Pisces is easily hypnotized)
  • Becoming involved in a cult (MLM?), where you were taught never to question.

If this was your experience, no wonder you're suspicious! You see religions, people with faith, not as connected, but illusory, caught up in a lie. Yet I assure you! You are here to experience connection and faith. But without the manipulation and judgement…

Souls with karmic Saturn in Pisces may be severely let down by religion, in order to understand the limitation of their child-like faith.

Seeing the manipulation, refusing to be guilted and hypnotized – and cultivating your own connection to the divine, is your task. First… your light shall turn inward. Then transformed, you'll shine your light out.

The single care-giver, who never marries (ugh)…

You've heard the stories, right? The youngest daughter or son who stays at home, and cares for their parents until both parents die and never has a family of their own. Care-giving and sacrifice to the extreme. This is Pisces for sure.

But no, this is not what your Saturn in Pisces is asking of you. Yet, there may be a sacrifice of some sort that you are faced with at some point in your life. This sacrifice might have to do with your material ambitions. There is an element of surrender. And you may be called to care for another, to offer compassion, while your material needs are magically met.

If you indeed have no choice (a karmic contract perhaps?) the trick is to consciously decide to care with a whole heart, and in a practical and detached way that does not drain or overwhelm you. Or heaven forbid, tip you over the edge into sacrificing your entire life for another. No, no, no.

It is not necessary that you “must” assume 100% of the care for another – there are always alternatives, help around if you ask. If you are faced with this type of situation, check in with your heart. If you are driven by guilt, obligation and a feeling of debt, pay attention to that. The exchange might be karmic. But still: practice self-care.

Find meaning, that's what healthy Pisces does. I remember an interview (I can't find at the moment) of a mother who cared for a severely disabled child. She was a spiritual person, with a belief in the multi-dimensions. She came to understand that her child was an advanced soul, who was working to heal the world, society at a higher level. Her care was important, had a higher purpose. Wow.

Bottom line: There may be moments of surrender in your life. But think of this letting go of the will… as your road to inner peace.

Your call: Learning to swim, or drowning in a sea of despair

You may have heard that Pisces is the priest, the monk, the spiritual healer, the dancer, the musician. And of course…the soul itself. But Saturn is far from woo-woo: it demands realistic assessments…forms and functions.

Until these two energies are integrated, you may experience a profound disconnect from life. This may show up as depression, despair, overwhelm… even addiction (is it any wonder alcohol is also called spirit)… and that AA programs use the concept of a higher power….

This may sound bleak, but it isn't meant to be. You've probably already had your moments, months, or your loved ones have (have you instead projected those energies around you)? Look inside. Find your compassion, forgiveness: for this is your superpower for others. And your own passport to peace.

Saturn demands that false structures (and beliefs) need to fall, exposing the raw, tender truth underneath. This transformation requires deep contemplation, way beyond “psychology” – but you already know this, right? If you're here, you're likely a spiritual seeker, yes? Very good. Focus on meaning, energy, mystical and esoteric topics. Explore how science is moving closer to spirit.

Paradoxically, dear karmic Saturn in Pisces....Mystery, the hidden essence of the universe, the interconnectedness of all of life… is your solid ground.

Does Pisces scare you a bit?

Does the mention of “surrender” and “faith” make you feel a bit squeamish or scared? Or anger you?

That's understandable. Saturn's dampening influence on any sign can make anyone shy and awkward. Not only that… but Saturn in Pisces can even create a compulsive drive to be alone, away from the material world… think “monk”.

This may be because you don't feel equipped (or don't care) about the ridiculous details of the material world. Or there isn't a “belief system” you can take seriously, that that truly represents the richness of your soul.

But for you… the search is also the destination. You are a seeker. A healer. A Creative (what do you wish to create for 3D)? You bend with the currents of change. You manifest miracles while letting go. You may feel fascinated by the unseen, and fearful of it at the same time.

You may feel “connected” when alone… or profoundly alone in a crowd. You may fear heart-connecting with another, heart-entangled. Becoming so compassionate, that you end up a doormat (or drained by an energy vampire). Your fears are not unwarranted…but you are not here to give yourself so easily away.

Karmic Saturn in Pisces extends an invitation to swim deeper, without judgement. While healthily tending your boundaries… No is a beautiful word!

Committing to your karmic Saturn in Pisces is the key to manifesting your soul purpose. You can read my take on Saturn in karmic astrology here.

If you are willing to keep trying, you'll work through your inner resistance to having to live here on terra firma. You will cultivate faith and trust. You may even work with others as a healer.

How Pisces karma might show up in your life

From a karmic point of view, Saturn in Pisces symbolizes past lifetimes where you “did” Pisces in an extreme (radical?) way, or you didn't even try!

When caught up in negative extremes in this (or past) lifetimes, your soul may respond in a number of ways.

  • You continue in the extremes of negative Pisces: you are excruciatingly sensitive, suffer needlessly and sacrifice yourself to “save” others, or
  • You over-compensate by believing in nothing, exerting your will (without results), spiralling into addiction or alcoholism due to your refusal to see beyond the physical, or
  • You project your unhealthy Pisces onto others: friends who are victims, cannot take care of themselves and who really reflect your (soul) self that needs to be faced and healed.

Pisces is a mutable water sign. When healthy, it's delightful, creative, compassionate and gentle, a soul who seeks a mystical marriage with the unseen. It is flexible, resilient, seeking healing on all levels, willing to surrender to mystery.

But Pisces can also feel powerless, wounded, out of control. It can get lost in the cosmos, spiral out of its body, resist the day-to-day. In relationship, its sense of identity can slip away like water as it seeks to heal the One I Love. It may feel unsteady on the earth, and some days, not want to be here at all.

Pisces can feel crushing despair at the state of the world, and yet neglect her own health. It can manifest anxiety, fear… and guilt, guilt and more guilt. The sense that (like the good books say) you really do need to be punished for your sins…not being perfect.

Afflicted Pisces is not logical. At times, grounding is needed (and yay… Saturn has grounding in the bag).

The Age of Pisces and holistic… everything!

The Age of Pisces is symbolized by Christ Consciousness. On the one hand, loving another as oneself. Do unto others. Forgiveness. Compassion.

On the other hand, some religions have twisted this good stuff into something unrecognizable, reward and punishment. That we're going to be “saved”. That we are children. That we are unable to know God (universe) directly.

That to be “worthy”, we must give up, sacrifice: no sex, no cards, no eating on certain days, or certain food. Rule after rule, after rule… and don't forget your rituals! Or God will be angry...

When unbalanced Pisces contemplates life, it may spiral up, hands clasped, and then down, swimming away from demons. For a time, it may relinquish its hold on the physical plan… as it ponders whether or not to return. Saturn in Pisces may say: Life Means Nothing. Loudly declared, while every declaration like a dagger of loneliness.

Okay, now let's talk about sacrifice and relationships

Pisces is a gentle companion, an inspirational partner, there for the good and the bad. It listens deeply to friends. It makes love as if it can heal the universe with its very touch.

But Pisces may forget to ask for itself. To stand up, and declare what it needs (or even forget to contemplate them). It may be so empathic, that it picks up the emotions of everyone else, affecting its health. It may not know where the Other ends, and Self begins.

Pisces may fall for the sob story (of someone who has no intention of getting it together). It may bring home pets, who need constant care (or people). It may tolerate addicts, abuse and all sorts of bad behaviour. Some of your relationships may feel as if they are some sort of penance, rather than and expression of passion.

If you are an empath, your sensitivity can both save you – and destroy you. Which will it be? Be honest. Is your “compassion” an excuse for accepting bad behaviour? For refusing to draw boundaries? The most loving thing you can do for another at times is say – no, no, no.

A Piscean relationship will spend some of its time in the realm of poetry, channelling, energy, emotion, mystery. But with Saturn in tow, you'll need to bring some of your romanticism… into reality.

So what's the potential of Saturn in Pisces?

On one level, Saturn and Pisces are the bedfellows that find each other fascinating, but in life don't easily mix. It's truly difficult to forge such a mystical marriage. Where faith is reality. And compassion is strength.

Pisces chips in with sensing, feeling…knowing. And Saturn funds, plans and executes a real world plan. Pisces embodies humility. While Saturn makes a plan. Mother Theresa. Dalai Lama. Name a True Healer. Their faith guides them. Yet they make a difference on the ground….

This is amazing potential, right? But when you have Saturn in Pisces, it's like your thrusters are being throttled.

To identify “Saturnian” challenges, ask yourself…

At one time or another, did you reject any sort of faith?

Do you often feel “alone in a crowd”?

Have you found it difficult to take concrete action, instead being escapist (maybe through drugs or alcohol?)

Are you drawn to sob stories? People or puppies you wish to save? Is it more important that you are there to heal them… than nourish yourself?

The “gold” of these Saturn in Pisces experiences, is to force you to see and accept – the reality and the role of faith in your life.

You are here to straddle two worlds. To avoid entanglements, you need both faith… and commitment. First you surrender, then you meaningfully act.

Possible Saturn in Pisces past lives

“Psychic energy does not vanish, it just takes another channel.”
– Liz Greene

With Saturn in Pisces: unfinished business doesn't cut it.

Here are some past lifetimes that might relate to karmic Saturn in Pisces. Hint: these themes may also be symptoms of present Pisces challenges. Consider them soul clues…

  • A sensitive musician and addict (as a means of escaping the pain of life)
  • A monk, who was devoted to his faith, but also protected from the reality of modern society
  • You were a healer in Atlantis (were you were persecuted – or driven by ego, went too far)
  • A nun who took a vow of self-sacrifice and celibacy
  • A martyr who sacrificed their life for their beliefs
  • A Christian who was killed in the Inquisition
  • A witch who was burned at the stake for her beliefs
  • A sensitive artist, who was in an abusive relationship (and never stood up for themselves)
  • A person who was thrown in jail, spending much of their life away from society
  • A child who was rejected and abandoned, because of a disability (hidden away from family in shame)
  • A man who was schizophrenic, and lost touch with physical reality
  • An empath, whose sensitivity and feeling others pain resulted in self-sebatoge, perhaps suicide
  • A person raised by strict religious “sin and punishment” upbringing
  • A channeller who had a following, but whose predictions were doubted (and their followers turned on them)
  • A woman whose family turned her into an insane asylum, for her sensitivity or mental illness (such as bi-polar)

Recognizing your karmic Saturn in Pisces in your life

“What we hate in others is consciously living within us.”
– Liz Greene

Your fears, projections and overreactions in this lifetime may have their roots in past lifetimes. The nature of these may have Pisces themes.

Your fears

  • Fear or extreme anxiety about being rejected or abandoned
  • Fear that others will use or manipulate you (avoiding relationships for this reason)
  • Fear of losing your grip on reality
  • Fear of insanity, being locked away because of it
  • Fear of being controlled by addiction
  • Fear of abusive people, people who take advantage of you
  • Fear of losing yourself through relationship
  • Fear of religion, fear of being punished for your “sins”
  • Fear of the unseen, the unknown, the non-physical
  • Fear of water, oceans, sea creatures, boats

Your projections (karmic mirrors)

  • You have had friends or family members who struggled with addiction or mental health issues
  • You've had a relationship, where your partner was not able to take care of their basic physical needs (or you were the dependant one)
  • You have people in your life who have “blind faith” in religion, or the "fire and brimstone" kind of religion (and you hate that)
  • You have people in your life who are staunch atheists, believe in “nothing”
  • You have had many healers in your life (and hint, it's actually you who are the healer)
  • You are surrounded by dreamy creative, singers, songwriters, dancers, gentle souls whom you connect with at a deep level (but hint: you don't explore your own creative talents)
  • You know people who are spiritually devout, may even choose a life of sacrifice or celibacy (but of course this isn't you).

Your overreactions

  • You bond with others, especially if you secretly feel you may be able to “save” or heal them
  • You have an active imagination, but you have trouble manifesting your own visions in the real world
  • You have a tendency toward addiction (or you are staunchly against alcohol or drugs)… careful especially of the mind-altering variety
  • You've spent extreme times alone (but looking back, this was also a time of awakening for you)
  • You have struggled with depression, despair at the state of the world perhaps, and you may have even attempted suicide or thought about it
  • You deny any sort of unseen world, or need for faith (yet you feel profoundly sad and desolate about this)
  • You are either easily controlled by others in relationships, or you are completely cut off from relationships “not of this world”.

Three steps to claiming empowered Pisces

Keep in mind that these aren't really a linear “process”, it's a lifetime unfolding. But hopefully, they're a good place to start.

Step one: Read up on Pisces

Read about Pisces to understand its highest potential – and it's pitfalls. Notice your emotional reactions, that's where the growth is.

Step two: Face your Pisces fears

When fears come up, take that as a clue. Stay open to receiving insights on your present life or past lives that might help explain your symptoms. When you have an insight, tears mean yes.

Step three: Commit to empowered Saturn in Pisces

Will you be addictive or regenerative? Dark or light? Phobic or creative? Paranoid or probing? It's you're call…

When you're looking for “How” to launch a venture, make a move, manage a situation: look to healthy Pisces. Your venture needs to be both driven by your inner knowing and faith – plus practically serve others in the world.

Take on projects are both tangible and offer compassionate assistance. They could involve healing or charities. Or the arts: music, dance, painting.

If you do not make your ventures both Piscean – and practical … there's a danger that material rewards will continue to slip through your fingers like water.

You live where science meets spirit

Pisces is about mystery. Saturn is about utility, building something that lasts. This might mean using your imagination to invent a practical solution. Or finding ways… to bring science closer to spirit. For example, Gregg Braden explores the seen and unseen, in this video about the Science of Prayer.

Activities that align with healthy Saturn in Pisces

(Are you already doing some of these? Awesome!)

  • Train as a healer, then set up a thriving business to share your gift (and Saturn says...make sure to charge what you're worth…)
  • Become an accomplished artist (not the starving kind), painting, or practical arts such as weaving, knitting or singing
  • Set up a business that is based on purifying or preserving Water, or Ocean life.
  • If you are science oriented, study the fringe of your specialty. Energy healing? Quantum physics? Free energy? BioGeometry? Allow this process to open your mind…
  • Get good, restful sleep! Make helping others get good sleep – your business.
  • Become a marine biologist, or an expert in the world's oceans, sea life… or dive shipwrecks.
  • Volunteer for others less fortunate (but do so from a place of strength)
  • Set up a charity or foundation that helps the less fortunate (Hint: your “cause” may have been what you faced earlier in your life, or maybe what someone you're close to faced…)
  • Transform your devotion… into world experience: become a monk, artist in residence, a deeply spiritual person who holds space for others.
  • Study divine manifestation, the imagination, meditation, visualization – highly recommended: Exit from The Matrix
  • Study and analyse your dreams (or those of others)
  • Practice forgiveness and compassion
  • Study ancient symbolism and its affects on the unconscious: Jung
  • Study healing, dreams, the unconscious, Rudolph Steiner, your past lives.

Last word. Saturn in Pisces is not about experiencing “fated” loneliness or being constantly, painfully wounded.

Early on, karmic Saturn in Pisces may involve a loss of faith. But the call is to go within. And from that void… springs the waters of your new life.

So when life wells up, detach from it and witness the kaleidoscope of change… witness the dream, rather than reacting to, or controlling it. Find the themes that are haunting your soul: and do something with it.

You are the Practical Healer, the Grounded Artist, the Energetic Helper. You seek not only personal healing, but the healing of the world.

For as you very well know, we are all one…

References and further reading:

  • Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil – Liz Greene
  • Discovering Your Soul Mission – Linda Brady
  • Twelve Faces of Saturn: Your Guardian Angel Planet – Bil Tierney

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By the way, practising karmic astrology is one of the ways I “do” my own Saturn in Aquarius in the 7th. Aquarius rules astrology, among other things.

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