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Create your free karmic astrology chart

There is no free karmic astrology software out there to my knowledge, but here's a workaround if you're interested investigating a free, spiritual approach to astrology.

First, create your own chart using the easy to use free online astrology software

Second, use the free karmic astrology articles I've created for you to learn about karmic astrology and identify your North Node (which symbolizes your Soul Mission).

Third, when you're ready for your big, life-changing reveal... read my detailed North Node descriptions by sign and house.

And if you're in the mood for love, read how you can use free karmic astrology to recognize your astrological soulmate.

How to create your free karmic astrology chart

Step 1: Gather your date, place – and time of birth

Don't have the time? If you can, ask your parents. Or look on your birth certificate. Some hospitals will also have the time on record, and look it up for a fee.

Today, it's not critical that you have the time. However, to know where in life your soul purpose is to be focused (e.g. career or home? Locally, or internationally? Externally, or internally? Individually or in groups?) you need the time – as exact as you can get.

Step 2: Go to

Sign up, and enter your personal data to get your chart, which we'll cleverly use as your free karmic astrology chart.

Europe-based Astrodienst has some fantastic information, so have fun exploring. Psychologist Ph.D. Liz Greene and others featured on this site are world reknowned astrologers.

Note that Astrodienst covers psychological astrology rather than a spiritual approach to astrology. Not that the information isn't valuable... it just won't explain things in the same way.

Step 3: Identify your North Node sign and house ☊

Okay! Once you have your chart from Astrodienst, the next step to creating your free karmic astrology reading is to look for a symbol that looks like ☊ or an upside down 'U' with 'True Node' beside it (this is another name for North Node).

It's like an upside down bucket that's empty, waiting to be full... a great analogy for your soul growth, yes?

In contrast, the South Node symbol ☋ is like the bucket that's already full. At least that's how I remember it.

Write down the sign of your North Node (True Node) and the house that it's in. Think of it as your own personal due north.

To get your South Node (talents and karma), look 180 degrees across from your North Node to the opposite sign... and write that sign and house down.

When you have all of that together... go read my detailed North Node descriptions to change your life!

Well done! You're doing free karmic astrology...

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Read about my private karmic astrology sessions.

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