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Back to the Water cover

A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

You're awakening, changing, seeing life with new eyes

But the real magic is learning how to trust yourself along the way...

Welcome! I'm Karen M. Black and I'm a Toronto writer.

Professionally, I have an MBA from Rotman in Toronto. I work as a plain language writer and consultant for the financial and insurance industries.

Different from this site huh? Let's just say I'm curious and eclectic...and I like untangling complexity.

Personally, I've been on a journey of spiritual awakening for a while now. At first, rather quietly. And then, publicly.

The truth is, I never planned on making this journey.

What you'll find at Heart Explorations...

This humble site documents my own spiritual awakening.

I began writing creatively to gain insights into myself. I published because I realized that sharing helped others...and it also helped me feel less alone.

Here, I've written on a variety of topics, from the Physical Signs of Spiritual Awakening, and Karmic Astrology to Soulmate Theory. I've summarized some of the fascinating findings of American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, and have tackled more elusive topics such as Wanting to Go Home, How to Become Enlightened, what the 2012 Changes really mean and a more rational take on the hotly-debated Christian new age concept of Ascension.

Each exploration has taken me deeper. And what I found is that the more I explored, the stronger, clearer and freer I felt...

Slowly unfolding the mysteries of my heart

Over a decade ago (on the weekends while working full-time) I wrote my spiritual awakening novel Moondance.

In 2018, I published my intimate memoir Back to the Water: working out "me" a sensitive empath and the "odd duck" in my family.

Along the way, I also created this site Heart Explorations and the (now retired) Soulmate Site to explore questions about relationships and karma.

While writing Moondance, I was also studying karmic (North Node, or Soul Purpose) astrology. When I felt solid in my knowledge, I began offering private karmic astrology sessions to fellow Heart Explorers.

The many layers of spiritual awakening

I've always been a curious person.

My own spiritual awakening began with questions about my emotional life, which I captured in my book Moondance.

But it didn't stop there... it continued to deeper awakening about health, the financial system, the nature of reality, natural (cosmic) law, imagination and much more.

Over the past decade, I've traveled down some rabbit holes. Some sinkholes, too. So I'm very aware of what's out there on the fringe, in all of its forms.

But! While exploring these roads less traveled, I've kept my feet on the ground.

Yours to consider...

What I publish here may not be your final answers. Some might not even be your questions.

But I believe that some of you will discover a facet of your heart here. A like, curious mind. Perhaps, a place to look next, or a way to swim through your own awakening sea.

Perhaps my words will offer an idea that helps you decide for yourself. Or simply something that inspires you to keep seeking.

Keep seeking. While holding it all lightly: this is the key.

On this site, I publish mystery

I write about the mysteries of life that are hidden in plain view. Secrets that are ripe for you to find them. Try them on, layer by layer.

Here, I share my own Heart Explorations. To help you recognize the changes in yourself that you're already sensing. To help you find meaning in it all.

Do not believe what I believe

What I write about may challenge your thinking. It may even shatter your world. Believe me, I've been shattered a few times. Sometimes I grieved for many months, as old truths fell away.

You see, there's a shift going on - and a critical choice to be made. Your heart knows this on some level. That's why you're reading now.

Keep seeking, remain open and discern

If you seek to know the truth, your heart will transform. You will seed the roots of knowing. More layers will slip away, and you'll open even more.

Do not believe what I believe. Do not believe the sources I share on this site. Think for yourself. But perhaps, consider. Sit with it a while...feel it out.

Tears mean yes. Relief means Yes. Feeling understood means Yes. Expansion, warmth, a pulling-up means Yes. And still, keep seeking.

Fear and tightness does not necessarily mean No. But it may mean stop for now and take a breath. When you can breathe easily again, keep seeking...

Four secrets I'll share with you now

  1. You are not imagining it. You are changing. So is the earth. And this shift is as big as it gets.
  2. There's a reason for it all. I'm not sure if we're meant to know all at once. For now, know that these changes are both meaningful – and natural.
  3. Spiritual awakening also means awakening to the truth. That of our heart. That of our world. And the truth of the nature of reality. Yes, it's all connected...
  4. Enlightenment must come from within. It cannot be taught, bestowed or given to you by another (and beware of those who say they can). It's not a system. Or a program. A list of rules. Or a-step-by-step process. If you want to become enlightened as you awaken, you must seek.

You're reading today because you are awakening

Is this what you're experiencing?

You may be feeling as if you're living two lives. In other words, what you do is no longer who you are. You don't know how to fix it but you want to.

You may be feeling bored, dissatisfied, restless. As if a fire is rising up inside you, questioning everything. Well done! Now keep going. Find out why.

You may be interested in deepening your relationships, even finding your soulmate. This is not a romantic notion. You sense that your partner... will be the one who assists you in becoming more whole yourself.

You may be seeking healing for your body or for your heart. Do you see? Your illness, your Dis Ease, is a catalyst, one way in...

Some of you are "in it" and your life is breaking down. It's okay. Change is natural. Stagnation is not (look at nature). Your soul is already there. Imagine what could be different. Ask your life to gently follow...

Do you have a purposeful fire in your belly?

Some of you have been at this game a while, up-shift after up-shift. You may have chosen to use your gifts in service to others to support the evolution of consciousness.

Some of you have a relentless vision, a Big Dream that will rock the world.

To all of you I say, welcome! You are here to Help. To make a difference, in your own unique way. Like me, you are a Heart Explorer.

This is your invitation: are you a Heart Explorer?

Heart Explorers have chosen to walk their unique path in life.

They're free-thinkers. They consider the signs around them when pondering their next move.

They follow their own inner compass. They trust their intuition...and imagination. They balance their heads and their hearts.

They seek truth. They seek meaning. They seek freedom and sovereignty (i.e. they follow and rule only themselves).

Where will you travel next?

If you are a Heart Explorer, your path will be different than mine. Your talents will be different. Your conclusions about truth may be different, too (ah paradox).

But would you like some encouragement and inspiration along the way? Would you like to feel less alone in your journey?

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