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Karmic Saturn in Taurus

Your karmic Saturn in Taurus holds the secret to manifesting your soul purpose.

It's about facing your karmic (Taurus-related) fears. Then step-by-step, living empowered Taurus. Think of it another way…

Saturn in Taurus is the karmic reality you need to face about yourself – and your spiritual bridge to accomplishment in the material world. It's the answer to your “how”.

Taurus symbolizes your karmic responsibilities, duties and obligations. Its shows you what you need to do, and how to structure your life to achieve your soul purpose.


Fears to face:
Change, loss of security

Commitment to make:
Balancing the material and spiritual

Clues to how to “do” your purpose in the real world

You're here to deal with the DEEPER NATURE of MONEY and possessions. Get clear on WHAT YOU STAND FOR – and PATIENTLY create a LIFE OF BEAUTY, COMFORT – and ABUNDANCE. But no hoarding!

Saturn is ruled by pragmatic, planner, uber-dependable Capricorn. But while Capricorn is the “good father”. It can also be a taskmaster, and a stickler for details.

So “doing” your karmic Saturn is not meant to be a cake walk.

In fact, it symbolizes the area of life in which you will feel some challenge. And where you're being called to take responsibility and apply focus and persistence to accomplish your goals.

Saturn (and Taurus) abhors laziness

The above is true. But these earthy energies also reward hard work. Taurus is about earning, after all. So your progress will be in proportion to how much work you put in. Progress may be slow, but don't give up!

Your karmic Saturn in Taurus is asking you to VALUE YOURSELF in every way.

Does Taurus scare you a bit?

Does “deal with money” and ”self-worth” issues make you feel a bit squeamish or scared? Or anger you?

That's understandable. Saturn's dampening influence can make anyone instantly shy and awkward. Fear is a symptom of your karmic Saturn in Taurus (ditto for all Saturn signs).

But committing to your Saturn not only helps shifts your fears – it's the key to grounding your soul purpose. You can read more about how I view Saturn in karmic astrology here.

Living your Saturn will require some inner fortitude. But your efforts will be worth it.

How Taurus karma might show up in your life

Your Saturn in Taurus symbolizes your past lifetimes where you didn't “do” Taurus in a healthy way. Instead of living a life of peace, creativity and inner security, you got caught up in negative Taurus.

So in this lifetime, your soul responds in one of three ways:

  • You continue in the extremes of negative Taurus by being overly attached to what you “own”. Or you may acquire wealth, but it's never enough to give you inner security; or
  • You over-compensate by completely rejecting material success, thinking money is evil. You may also believe that to “be spiritual” you must be poor, so you experience repeated financial difficulties; or
  • You project your karmic Taurus by attracting greedy, wealthy+cheap, stubborn, or people with money problems who may rely on you, but who are really showing you a part of your (soul) self.

But Taurus is also positive, too...

Taurus is a dependable earth sign. It's sensual, and enjoys touch, physical comfort and beauty. It's practically creative. It's patient, determined, cautious – finishes what it starts. Taurus is a loyal, rock solid friend – with great taste!

Taurus is always striving to accomplish something it feels is a worthy pursuit. It values itself. It's also the sign of the whistleblower!

Healthy Taurus is comfortable with making and happily managing money, while appreciating the comforts it can buy. Healthy Saturn in Taurus enjoys money. And it also doesn't define itself according to what it owns. Comfort and appreciation – minus the decadence. Here's my take on spiritual and material enlightenment...

Your first task with karmic Saturn in Taurus

To manifest healthy karmic Saturn in Taurus, you first need to know that YOU'RE WORTH IT. Or the money won't stick. And neither will the inner peace.

Some Saturn in Taurus people grew up in a family that was quite poor, giving them the motivation to earn. But even when these good folks become wealthy, they realize it's not the key to happiness.

With Saturn, it's like your forward thrusters are being throttled. Which is why Saturn in Taurus can often show up as financial, or self-worth issues. Over-valuing the material. Or (YES) over-valuing the spiritual!

Does this resonate for you so far? Keep reading!

Possible Saturn in Taurus past lives

“Psychic energy does not vanish, it just takes another channel.”
- by Liz Greene

Here are some past lifetimes that might relate to kamic Saturn in Taurus. Hint: they may also be symptoms of present Saturn challenges.

  • An indigenous person who had their land and possessions taken away
  • A woman from an “old money” family who was greedy, cheap, felt superior and obsessed with what she owns
  • A pack rat or “hoarder” who could not part with their possessions, and alienated his family and ruined his life
  • A land baron or developer who took advantage of disasters and bought up land on the cheap, obsessed with acquisition i.e. “disaster capitalism”
  • A decadent sex addict with an obsessive pursuit of sensual pleasures, but who felt empty inside
  • An investment or money manager who rejected spirituality, thinking money was everything
  • A spiritual seeker who judged anyone with money and lived in poverty, thinking themselves righteous
  • A stubborn, opinionated person who imposed their values on everyone around them, destroying their relationships.

Recognizing your karmic Saturn in Taurus in your life

“What we hate in others is unconsciously living within us.
- Liz Greene

Past life energy shows up as our fears, projections and overreactions in this lifetime.

Your fears

  • Fear of poverty, possessions or land being taken from you “bag lady fears”
  • Terrified of change and material loss, leading to a desire for security at all costs (even if you have millions in the bank)
  • Fear of standing up for your own values (possibly overvaluing others)
  • Going with the flow to an extreme and not standing up for your values (due to the fear of being seen as stubborn)
  • Not charging what you're worth for your services or being overly generous, because you have a fear of being greedy
  • Fear of what people will think of you if you earn a lot of money
  • Pack rat: fear of letting go of your possessions
  • Unable to relax and enjoy full body sensuality
  • Workaholic and earning, but not enjoying fruits of your labours
  • Manifesting health issues of the throat, ears, neck, tonsils, thyroid.

Your projections (karmic mirrors)

  • Never ending financial issues…bad luck, material loss, bad investments, bankruptcy, lack of security
  • People in your life who are deeply stubborn, opinionated or who hate change
  • People in your life (who lean on you) with money issues “you are the bank”
  • Attracting partners who don't treat you well or like a “doormat”
  • Married to or attracting workaholics, pack rats, cheap and stingy people who cling to what they own.

Your overreactions

  • You are quietly greedy, or entirely intolerant of greed
  • Or… you make money, but can't keep it
  • You have money, but it's “never enough” to fill you up inside
  • You believe money is the root of all evil
  • You get angry when “spiritual” people charge for their services, thinking all spiritual service should be free
  • You're overly self-sufficient, and only value your own way (or the highway)

Three steps to claiming empowered Taurus

Keep in mind that these aren't really a linear “process”, it's a lifetime unfolding. But they're also a good place to start.

Step one: Read up on Taurus

Read about the energy of Taurus to understand its highest potential – and it's pitfalls. Notice your emotional reactions, that's where the growth is.

Step two: Face your Taurus fears

When fears of or resistance to Taurus energy come up, take that as a clue. Stay open to receiving insights on a past life that might help explain your symptoms. Tears mean yes.

Step three: Commit to empowered Saturn in Taurus

When you're looking for “How” to launch a venture, make a move, manage a situation: look to healthy Taurus. Value yourself. Get paid what you're worth. Save for a rainy day.

Enjoy what you have! But do not make what you own your central reason for being.

Do some deep diving with your relationship with money and possessions – and being paid what your'e worth. Accumulation is linked with desire “what is valued” and meaning. Money is just energy, one piece of your “aliveness”.

Listen to the Prosperity Consciousness Audio Series

Frederic Lehrman's audio series prosperity consciousness is a must-listen for anyone with Saturn in Taurus, or who is interested in exploring the energetic side of money. Both philosophical and practical – you'll never see money the same way again… Google it or read about it here

Activities that align with healthy Saturn in Taurus

(Are you already doing some of these? Awesome!)

Examine your family and ancestral relationships with money: what did your family not value, over-value? How did they judge wealthy people, poor people? Other ideas:

  • Use money for all of it's functions: earning, saving, investing, adding to capital, enjoying – and giving
  • Design and lovingly maintain a spectacular garden!
  • Explore your sensual side, get regular massages (or give to your partner)
  • Charge what you're worth (and also find ways of giving back)
  • Take a course on sensual massage, or healing touch
  • Study or create landscape architecture, home building or interior design
  • Actively manage and enjoy your money
  • Get practically creative: photography, guitar, singing and songwriting
  • Design, built or re-model your home, or do woodworking
  • Farm, grow your own vegetables

Remember. Taurus is not about greed. It's about knowing your value on a deep level. Balancing the material and spiritual: this is the key.

References and further reading:

  • Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil – Liz Greene
  • Discovering Your Soul Mission – Linda Brady
  • Twelve Faces of Saturn: Your Guardian Angel Planet – Bil Tierney

Want to go deeper?

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By the way, practising karmic astrology is one of the ways I “do” my Saturn in Aquarius. Aquarius rules astrology, among other things.

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