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Karmic Saturn in Scorpio

Your karmic Saturn in Scorpio holds the secret to manifesting your soul purpose.

Scorpio symbolizes your karmic responsibilities, duties and obligations. It shows you what you need to do, and how to structure your life to achieve your soul purpose.

It's about facing your karmic (Scorpio-related) fears. Then step-by-step… living empowered Scorpio. Think of it another way…

Saturn in Scorpio is the karmic reality you need to face about yourself. And once you do that, it becomes your bridge to accomplishment in the material world: the answer to your “how”.


Fears to face:
Your own power and unconscious emotions

Commitment to make:
Direct, intimate emotional exchange

Clues to “doing” your purpose in the real world

With karmic Saturn in Scorpio, you're here to understand that the power struggles you may have experienced are really a projection of your own heart. And that being “punished” or rejected by others… is your clever, unconscious way of making sure your emotions remain carefully protected and controlled.

With this Saturn position, remaining a victim will backfire. With karmic Saturn in Scorpio, you must take responsibility for your desires, whether they be sexual, financial, or emotional: and transform that intensity into a powerful, creative force.

Saturn is ruled by pragmatic, uber-dependable Capricorn. In its highest sense, Capricorn is the “stable, dependable father”. But when stressed, Capricorn can also be rigid and emotionally cut off.

So Saturn always symbolizes the area of life in which we'll feel some challenge and constriction. And where we're being called to face reality.

Scorpio is intense. Oh yeah. That's because it permeates your feeling nature, and how your emotions flow between you and others. What tangles you up… is when your emotions are hidden and reactive, which often manifests as drama around money and sex.

This is why at first, “doing” your karmic Saturn will not be easy peasy. Especially when Scorpio takes detours into Pluto's realms, destroying everything in its sight, before rising up and re-building stronger than before.

Scorpio also represents your desires. So getting a hold of your desires in their pure form (minus the gut-churning entanglement) is the purpose of Saturn in Scorpio and the fuel for its awesome, almost magical potential.

Your fate: resilience, passion and true intimacy

Saturn abhors laziness. But Saturn's earthy energies also reward effort. Your progress will be in proportion to how much effort you put in to turn your Saturn around. Progress may be slow, but don't give up!

Scorpio is controlled, deeply sensitive and notices every emotional nuance. It's the original “still waters run deep”. Saturn means getting organized, and getting serious.

At first, your Saturn in Scorpio may break down your superficial power structures (masks), revealing your most vulnerable core. The intent? Soul surrender and redemption... clearing away false emotional debris... making way for a new birth in how you relate to others.

Yes, your karmic Saturn in Scorpio is asking you to plumb your own depths, recognize the needs of others. Overcoming challenges and coming back stronger. Developing stamina, endurance and emotional strength: mastering your own emotions (different than control or repression).

You may have fears and desires around intimate relationships… yes. You may be your own worst task-master, yes. But instead of cutting yourself off, or diving into a troubling situation, you'll learn when and how to open your heart to another who can appreciate you.

You've probably heard that Scorpio is also about “death and rebirth” and “change” and this is true. But remember: death is not just our physical death. Along the road of life, we experience deaths of many kinds… a way of being, a way of reacting, a way of thinking or relating.

With Saturn in Scorpio generally, it is helpful to plan for change. And accept that transformation is the key to participating powerfully in the world.

Does Scorpio scare you a bit?

Does the mention of “intimate emotional exchange” and “transformation and re-birth” make you feel a bit squeamish or scared? Or anger you?

That's understandable. Saturn's dampening influence on any sign can make anyone shy and awkward.

So yes, in some cases, karmic Saturn in Scorpio can create a great deal of pain in the area of relationships, money and sexual union. This runs the gambit from financial dependency, bankruptcy, stolen family inheritances, expensive divorces, sex in exchange for high status marriages, sexual abuse, and partners who take advantage of our financial generosity. Yikes!

But with Saturn in Scorpio, we must remember that “money” and “sex” is only the superficial symptom. When we look deeper, the block is about real, intimate, emotional exchange. Maybe ponder how generous (or controlled) you are with your own emotions in intimate relationships.

Committing to your karmic Saturn in Scorpio not only helps transform your capacity for intimate exchange of all kinds – it's the key to manifesting your soul purpose. You can read my take on Saturn in karmic astrology here.

If you are willing to use your strength to face your (Plutonian) shadow, you'll discover to powerful potential of a Scorpio Saturn. You'll achieve self-understanding and mastery through the most difficult passages of life. You'll no longer fear your own power (and you'll use your power wisely). And you'll begin to see that your passion is a creative and procreative force.

The potential your have is immense! Your scars become a source for creativity and healing.

How Scorpio karma might show up in your life

From a karmic point of view, Saturn in Scorpio symbolizes past lifetimes where you “did” Scorpio in an extreme way, or you didn't even try!

When caught up in negative Scorpio extremes in this (or past) lifetimes, your soul may respond in a number of ways.

  • You continue in the extremes of negative Scorpio: you're cold, controlled, obsessed, jealous, seeking the ultimate control over others, or
  • You over-compensate by focusing on sexuality (but not emotional intimacy), accumulating and controlling wealth (often through others, unearned); or
  • You project your unhealthy Scorpio by partners who betray you, abuse you, use you for money, or family members who steal your inheritance: but really reflect your (soul) self that needs to be faced and healed.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. When healthy, it's probing, loyal, sexual, passionate – and incredibly resilient. It fearlessly probes the unconscious human mind, body and heart.

Scorpio is trustworthy, keeps the secrets of others and can tolerate the darkness of others. You take secrets to your grave. And in a crisis, you possess a calm and grit that many others don't have. You are a great friend to have.

But cynical Scorpio can also become withdrawn, secretive, “black and white”, and cut off. Scorpio may act cold and distrusting, but that's far from the truth! You are deeply sensitive to rejection… and respond like a wounded animal in defense.

When hurt, Scorpio withdraws… but this not the solution

Shadow Scorpio may stay severely and icily silent. But inside you're feeling everything! You may be terrified of you own anger. When anger finally bursts forth, it's often volcanic.

Saturn in Scorpio is often terrified of its own power. You'll go to great lengths to avoid any sort of loss of control, whether that be sexual or emotional. The fear is that your flow of emotion, “letting it all out” will destroy another, or destroy oneself.

Saturn in Scorpio may choose to refuse the heart opening process that is central to spiritual awakening. Your mask may be uncaring, or painfully shy. You may also deny yourself passionate creative expression. Self-denial, self-punishment, judgement are also unconscious Saturn in Scorpio symptoms.

You can be harsh, never giving yourself or others a break, or allowing for vulnerabilities or imperfections. But!

Your key to the “kingdom” is found through change:tapping into your inner strength. You will experience the death of an old (painful) way of relating… and then a resurrection of new emotional exchanges which are informed by a higher consciousness. Saturn asks: are you up for the task?

No, you're not doomed to power struggles

Saturn in Scorpio is about getting real about how you respond to another's power over you and how you wield power over anotherg. Do you use your power to control another... or to help heal them?

Money and sex are two symbols for your power. For Scorpio, “money” is a symbol of what you value and how. Do you value dependence or freedom? Is sex gifted in its pure form of desire, or is it exchanged for money? Saturn asks you to face the reality of this energy exchange in your life.

Exchanging money for sex may sound like the “oldest profession” but some traditional marriages play the same game. At least a prostitute offers sex for money in an honest way… though she or he is often maligned. Meanwhile, a spouse may unconsciously exchange their sexuality for financial security or status, and this mask or façade is readily accepted.

Before blaming, be very honest with yourself! What did you really sign up for, when you made your vows? Very true, this is not an easy mirror to look into…

No, you're not doomed to a life without sex

An afflicted karmic Saturn in Scorpio can result in complete celibacy or controlled sexual expression to the extreme.

But in this case, the choice to be celibate is not a conscious, self-aware choice. It might instead be cloaked in religious dogma. Or the withholding may be a form of punishment directed toward your partner (or self-punishment).

Saturn insists on direct emotional exchanges with integrity. When a sex-less soul contract unravels, withholding sex… may be a form of emotional revenge against an emotionally cut off partner. And withholding money from the sexually withholding partner continues the cycle.

Saturn in Scorpio wants you to experience true, naked intimacy: shadows and all. But first, it wants you to dig deep… and be radically honest about your conscious and unconscious desires.

However, if you are able to dive into the depths and swim, eyes open as you pass through your underworld…you will obtain the key to life itself.

Can Saturn in Scorpio have great sex?

Yes, Saturn in Scorpio can be emotionally let down by others… often in the most intimate and painful way. There can be a fear of sexual inadequacy. But it's often not a physical problem, it's an emotional one: a deep shyness, a frozen form of expression.

But! The truth is that your soul wants you to experience the kind of soulmate sex and soul connection that others can only dream of.

With a healthy karmic Saturn in Scorpio, sex isn't a power game, or a method of financial exchange or emotional control. It's the potential to be “at one” with another, stripped down in our naked, most vulnerable form. Sex with Scorpio can be an “out of body” experience.

All states of consciousness that get us “out of ourself”… trances, drugs, ayahuasca, psychedelics, fit tidily into the Scorpion realm.

And physical death… is like the final frontier “altered states”. Is it any wonder that an orgasm is called “the little death”, as we lift out of our self, becoming more at one with another?

Chaos or consciousness? The choice is yours.

Saturn in Scorpio can often show up (at first) through “chaotic” relationship eruptions, and even in extreme cases, control and abuse. It's complicated. While becoming conscious… you may develop a fascination with your desires, but also fear and disgust as well.

When you begin to see how your responses to hurt and rejection actually prevent you from having the intimacy you seek, you're on your way. Instead of cutting people off, you'll learn to deeply listen… understand, and share freely with another.

This is amazing potential, right? But when you have Saturn in Scorpio, it's like your thrusters are being throttled. Keep in mind that the purpose of pain in life (if you choose) is growth and transformation. And for karmic Saturn in Scorpio – claiming your own power, passion and sexuality and using it responsibly.

To identify “Saturnian” challenges, ask yourself…

Have you had power struggles in your marriage about money, sex or a messy, expensive divorce?

Have you experienced abuse in a family situation or relationship?

Was there an unspoken agreement in your marriage, that you'd give or receive sex in exchange for status or financial security? Was sex is seen as a husband's “right” rather than a tender expression of love and intimacy?

Were you cheated out of an inheritance… spending gruelling years fighting in court?

Have you had periods of celibacy, because of betrayals in the past, or your fear to open up emotionally to someone?

Have you experienced sexual frigidity or impotence – that does not have a physical cause?

Have you been used or betrayed by a business partner?

The “gold” of these Saturn in Scorpio experiences, is to force you (through painful emotional and financial energetic exchanges that do not work) to look inward.

In this lifetime, you're here to face your emotional, sexual and financial fears (to do with others) squarely. Do this, and you'll eventually develop a radar for people who want to manipulate and control you: and the ones who offer you an exchange of love for who you really are.

Saturn has deeper emotional scars than any other placement… and slower to heal. I know, I have a Scorpio Moon… I get that it's not easy.

Does this resonate for you so far? If so, what's the source and what can you do to transform your Saturn in Scorpio?

Possible Saturn in Scorpio past lives

“Psychic energy does not vanish, it just takes another channel.”
– Liz Greene

Here are some past lifetimes that might relate to karmic Saturn in Scorpio. Hint: these themes may also be symptoms of present Scorpion challenges. Consider them soul clues…

  • Lifetimes where you experienced (or perpetrated) sexual abuse, needing toxic control over others (Which was it? Your heart knows...)
  • Denial of an emotionally rich childhood; parents who died early, were sexually repressed or abused themselves (where the child is imprinted with this energy), or emotionally cold
  • A black magician, who was obsessed with power, greed, revenge and ritual
  • A psychiatrist, who became too involved with or who manipulated their patients
  • A stalker, who killed or perpetrated violence on the object of their obsession
  • In very extreme cases, sexual abuse, incest, satanic ritual abuse (I am not saying that abuse victims “chose” any of this – but these are Scorpion themes)
  • A spouse, who controlled the purse strings and withheld love and affection
  • A man or woman who needed control (this might be emotional, or BDSM – it's the unconscious obsession or emotional block that makes it a Saturn symptom)
  • A CEO who was a task-master, abused their colleagues, raided competitors – and whose lust for money and power knew no bounds
  • Someone who is promiscuous, but emotionally cut off from their partners (this is likely very disturbing to your partner: don't kid yourself, they feel your emotional absence)

Recognizing your karmic Saturn in Scorpio in your life

“What we hate in others is consciously living within us.”
– Liz Greene

Your fears, projections and overreactions in this lifetime may have their roots in past lifetimes.

Elizabeth Kubler Ross had Saturn in Scorpio in the 8th (the house ruled by Scorpio). Is it any wonder that she was drawn to explore death and the stages of grief?

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. … Beautiful people do not just happen.”
– Elizabeth Kubler Ross

Your fears

  • Visceral fear of losing control of another – or yourself
  • Fear of the intensity of your emotions (resistance to heart awakening)
  • Fear of your own rage (that it may destroy another, or result in chaos)
  • In a relationship, fear of submission to another… fear of being controlled by your partner (yet lonely)
  • Fear of losing, or being manipulated by money
  • Fear of having too much power (or losing power)
  • Fear of psychiatrists, or fear of the “truth” being revealed
  • Fear of not being able to perform sexually (but this is really the fear of emotional vulnerability during sex)
  • Fear of emotional or sexual rejection or betrayal (fear of heart opening)
  • Fear of death, fear of any kind of change
  • Fear of being used for your money, or your sexuality

Your projections (karmic mirrors)

  • You attract controlling, manipulative or abusive partners
  • You had a family who was emotionally not warm, cut off, strict discipline, controlling or punishing
  • Your relationships are a series of power struggles, seeking to get the upper hand, “dominate”
  • You attract people who are ruthless in business, and seek power no matter who they hurt
  • You've gone through a vicious divorce that drags you through the courts and results in financial loss (Hint: the amount involved may be proportional to the emotional block you have projected onto your partner)
  • You encounter Satanic, dark occult or black magic practices – perhaps used against you, or that manipulate you
  • You have been involved with partners who are sexually obsessed with you
  • You meet, marry and divorce a narcissist who is bent on destroying you
  • You find yourself in the courts, battling it out for a family inheritance
  • You attracted a stalker, who is obsessed with you, and may have lead to violence
  • Your business partners secretly steal from you.

Your overreactions

  • You are either sexually-controlled and celibate and shut off – or you are promiscuous, the perfect lover: but emotionally cold
  • You either clamp down on anger saying nothing, or you explode (which is traumatic for you – and the object of your anger)
  • You are the Master of Self Punishment, whether that is denying yourself sex, financial success or internal sense of peace
  • Deeply defensive, you must have control “no one will dominate me”, “I submit to no one!”, and “no one will ever hurt me again!”. Yet inside, you feel alone.
  • You feel isolated, yet you are painfully shy, not allowing anyone in
  • You are obsessed with “dark topics” like black magic, secrets, taboo sexuality
  • You are fascinated with BDSM (the shadow bit is in the obsession, and using this to repress emotion: it's possible to choose to explore consciously)
  • You over-analyze everything, read too much into things, you are very sensitive and wounded (but don't show it), have difficulty trusting and can become paranoid
  • You are cold, frosty, effectively keeping people at a distance (yet crave connection). You may see life as an oppressive force, life or death.

Three steps to claiming empowered Scorpio

Keep in mind that these aren't really a linear “process”, it's a lifetime unfolding. But hopefully, they're a good place to start.

Step one: Read up on Scorpio

Read about Scorpio to understand its highest potential – and it's pitfalls. Notice your emotional reactions, that's where the growth is.

Step two: Face your Scorpio fears

When fears come up, take that as a clue. Stay open to receiving insights on your present life or past lives that might help explain your symptoms. When you have an insight, tears mean yes.

Step three: Commit to empowered Saturn in Scorpio

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us…”
– Marianne Williamson

When you're looking for “How” to launch a venture, make a move, manage a situation: look to healthy Scorpio (and go with your authentic passions).

Forge healthy intimate friendships and sexual unions, dig into the topics that fascinate you, understand the deep recesses of your mind. Trust your capacity to meet change, transform… and grow.

Remember: the size of your power struggles in life are a reflection of what's going on in your unconscious (why not get curious about that… study psychology, the occult, metaphysics, dig deep…)

Activities that align with healthy Saturn in Scorpio

(Are you already doing some of these? Awesome!)

“Everything. Everyone. Everywhere. Ends.”
– Six Feet Under
  • Become a counsellor, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, a True Healer who compassionately holds the space for others to feel their emotions, heal and re-claim themselves
  • Start a business, and negotiate profitable, win-win relationships with investors. It's not about domination…
  • Align your business with your passion: make it a healthy obsession to reveal the truth for the purpose of eliminating what no longer works.
  • Help people who are dying, or work with people heal their grief and come to terms with the death of a loved one
  • Become a detective or investigator, hired by clients to get to the bottom of a situation
  • Become a compassionate leader in the death services industry. Watch the TV series Six Feet Under!
  • Study sexuality from every angle: physical, male and female, the history, different cultures, tantric sex… and share what you've learned with the one you love… both physically and emotionally
  • Become a forensic accountant digging deep into financial statement to recover lost or stolen funds
  • Become a wealth manager, helping grow other people's money (OPM) with integrity
  • Become a sex therapist! Or if you're scientifically oriented, study or create products or businesses that will help people have healthy sex lives
  • If you are so inclined, explore and play in the BDSM community – that is, exploring power dynamics, with respect and consent, of course
  • Study the occult, the deepest shadow aspects of the unconscious
  • If you are called to, work in an area that can help sexual abuse victims

Last word. Saturn in Scorpio is not a “curse” designed to fan your desires with no hope of achieving them.

It's recognizing that when your intimate connections are painful power struggles … then it's time to deepen your own capacity for direct, emotional exchange.

Mastering karmic Saturn in Scorpio is about steadfastly facing your fears, recognizing the perspectives and values of others. It's understanding and embracing the transformative power of change: of life, and of yourself.

It's knowing that your hurts… are a catalyst (not a painful fate). And that owning your power is your mission: so that you can through your presence, support others as well.

In this life, you are here to be a Healing Power House. This is your life, your “gold”.

References and further reading:

  • Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil – Liz Greene
  • Discovering Your Soul Mission – Linda Brady
  • Twelve Faces of Saturn: Your Guardian Angel Planet – Bil Tierney

Want to go deeper?

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By the way, practising karmic astrology is one of the ways I “do” my own Saturn in Aquarius in the 7th. Aquarius rules astrology, among other things.

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