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Past life regression therapists: an 11 point checklist

Since psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss was on Oprah, past life regression therapists have enjoyed a wee boost in business credibility — which is great in my view!

In the early years of my spiritual awakening, I spent four years working intensively on karmic issues revealing tidbits about my past lives. I used a number of approaches including doing hypnotic regression.

If you're intrigued about your past lives, knowing how to choose from the past life regression therapists available will be your first step. I've created this page to help you. Also, to let you know what you might expect.

Past life regression therapists: an 11 point checklist

1. Get a referral

Is it possible to get a referral from someone you trust? Like a good hairdresser, physician or any other professional, this is the ideal.

I recommend Dr. Phebe-Jane Poole, of Vernon, British Columbia, and Reem Shibel in Toronto. Contact them directly to find out their policies around remote sessions, if you aren't in Canada.

I also recommend Elmdea Adams who does in person sessions in Winchester, Virginia and is interested in hearing your story of spontaneous past life recall.

Last but not least, I recommend Dr. Charmayne Kilcup from Seattle, who has a Ph.D. in psychology, and is an intuitive who can help identify and heal past lives. I've worked with Charmayne myself.

2. Find out where they trained

Unlike the medical system, this isn't a regulated industry. So evaluate past life regression therapists using a combination of criteria including their training, experience and your gut feeling in their presence.

You might also find a therapist close to you at International Board for Regression Therapy.

Brian Weiss trains past life regression therapists, but the last time I checked, he didn't have a referral service.

3. How do they handle your relationship?

Any good professional should demonstrate to you up front that your comfort and safety as the client is paramount. They should clearly tell you that if you do not feel comfortable with them, that you should feel free and clear to choose someone else — no guilt, no pressure.

4. Start small

It's true that you may need a few sessions to get to the bottom of things, though some do have a dramatic experience right away. Still, don't be pressured into purchasing a series until it feels right. The best past life regression therapists will respect your choices.

5. Give some thought to your objectives

Past life regression therapists can really shine when they're working with you on something important in your life. In my case, I wrote down my objectives in a few sentences, and what I hoped to get out of it.

6. Ask what you can expect

In my session, I laid on a comfortable table, like a massage table in a quiet, private room. I closed my eyes, and I was taken through a visualization. Then he asked me what I was seeing in my past life. I felt very relaxed and safe. I remembered everything and knew what was happening.

7. Learn, then let it go

Read Many Lives, Many Masters or other books by Brian Weiss — they're engaging, easy reads that help you understand what's possible. Liberating Incarnations by Elmdea Bean includes case studies. Once you read, let it go. Your experience will be unique.

8. Be open to your own unique experience

Good past life regression therapists are effective at helping you gently tap into your inner self. I experienced it rather like the creative process. Images would pop in to my mind of my past life, like when I meditate, or am walking and relaxed. Though I was asked questions and guided the session, the answers came from within me.

9. Make your own safety paramount

Revealing your past lives is an intimate process. So be sure that you feel comfortable with the person you're working with. Any sign of pressure, judgment, manipulation or anything that makes your heart tighten — pay attention!

10. Balance optimism and realism

Yes, this is a powerful technique, but know that your past life recall is unlikely to be like watching an IMAX film. It might be an idea, an image, insight, a visceral response or a realization you have. Everyone is different. For me, I tended to get things in pieces... small scenes, images and emotional recollections. Then sometimes after, bigger realizations. Tears mean Yes.

11. Stay open for clues

Between sessions, stay open for clues. Just because the hypnosis is over, doesn't mean your unconscious stops talking to you. You've begun a process. Pay attention to your dreams, random thoughts, intuitions, even movies that resonate with you. Ask for the lifetimes that will help you most in this life. Make a note to share: good past life therapists will want to know.

Enjoy my tips on past life regression therapists?

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