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4 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

I’m delighted to share 4 signs of spiritual awakening by Sarah Roberts, co-owner of Numerology Sign. I hope you enjoy them…

What does it mean to be spiritually awake?

There are many different ways to describe this experience depending on what belief system you hold. But in general it’s an awakening to a dimension of reality beyond the confines of your own self.

Awakening to your spiritual self...

You awaken when you move beyond your own self-interest inner voice of self-criticism and your own self-occupied world view – and allow a higher, more spiritual self to emerge.

The awakening process can be challenging and painful as you may need to shed beliefs about the world and yourself. You may face painful truths and choices.

It can often be difficult to identify what's happening at first. And it might even take some time to realize that you're undergoing an awakening. But when you do realize what's happening, it's natural that you begin searching for awakening signs.

While your belief system may differ from others going through a spiritual awakening, there are also universal signs along the way.

Here are 4 signs of spiritual awakening that have to do with how you see the world – and experience life.

While they’re all about change, not all spiritual awakening signs are difficult...

1. Intensified perception of the world around you

If you’re undergoing a spiritual awakening, you may report intensified perception. This means noticing more about the world around you. Seeing things that you encounter every day in a new light, as if for the first time.

This could be a tree near the office which was always just part of the background and now holds a sudden fascination. Or noticing something new about the personality of a person that you have known for a long time, which felt like it was hidden previously.

This increased perception may make you feel more present in the here and now. You may feel less preoccupied with what is happening elsewhere. Dwell less on something that happened yesterday. Or stop worrying about something that might happen tomorrow.

With these distractions minimised, you may feel more present. And therefore have a better ability to notice and pick up on things.

Here are some other possible signs of spiritual awakening that relate to increased presence:

  • Your intuition and capacity to focus on the here and now gets stronger. Which means that you become better at reading situations and people.
  • You get better at spotting liars, or people pretending to be helpful in order to get what they want. You also notice when a reluctant person has something important to say.
  • You may feel increased empathy and more easily connect with other people. You understand what they are going through, and see things from their perspective.

This part of a spiritual awakening can be quite challenging if you learn that the people in your life is not who you thought they were.

You may realize that you saw the person in the way that you wanted them to be, rather than seeing what was really there. If this happens, you may need to re-evaluate many of your relationships, which can be painful.

2. Inner quiet… that frees you

These signs of spiritual awakening are about your inner voice becoming quiet.

We all have an inner voice which is constantly feeding us thoughts and emotions triggered by stimuli from the world, and based on our previous life experiences. Our inner voice can be kind. It can also be cruel.

How often have you thought something about yourself, that you would never dream of saying to another person?

If you normally have a lot of this “self talk”, your inner voice may quieten down. It may start with an increased awareness of your thoughts, and an awareness that your thoughts are not who you really are.

With that insight, you can then more easily place less importance on some of the negative thoughts that pop into your head. Which in turn leads this to happen less often, quieting your mind. As a result, you may feel less self-critical and more positive.

As you notice this sign of spiritual awakening and learn to ignore your own inner critic, you might find that you’re better able to let go of criticisms (real or perceived).

And be better able to live your life free of the judgement and opinions of others.

If you’re awakening, you may experience this as a feeling of freedom or liberation.

3. Feeling connected and seeing signs

These signs of spiritual awakening are about feeling more connected with life.

If you’re awakening, you’ll tend to be more present in the here and now, and less distracted by you own internal world. So you feel more connected with the energy around you, or more in touch with the spiritual plane than you were before.

This can manifest in many ways. Sometimes it is just a feeling of being loved, or not being alone, or having a greater purpose beyond the immediate worries of your day-to-day life.

You might begin noticing signs. Thinking about a problem and wishing for guidance. Then you notice a symbol that is meaningful to you. Seeing this sign tells you in a personal way that you are not alone and you are supported.

Commonly people report seeing the same number sequences showing up in their lives over and over again and having a feeling that this is significant. These are known as Angel Numbers and are messages from the spiritual plane.

The universe is built according to a geometric plan, which is why the same patterns keep showing up in the seeming chaos of nature, and mathematics holds as a universal truth.

This makes numbers the basic building blocks of nature. As such, numbers carry information, much like human DNA.

Consequently, the spiritual plane will often use numbers, and the information they carry, to send specific signs and messages. Read more on Angel Numbers at Numerology Sign. They have a comprehensive guide on all the significant Angel Numbers.

4. Feeling more positive about life

Finally, not all signs of spiritual awakening are difficult – far from it!

The process of spiritual awakening can be challenging as we’re forced to take a hard look at ourselves and our beliefs about the world. It may be difficult when we realise that some of the things we counted on aren’t stable.

But some people just report feeling happier and lighter within themselves! Even if it doesn’t happen right away.

Discovering new truths, the changes that we are forced to make in their wake, can often be challenging and painful. But the signs of spiritual awakening come into our life to help us.

Yes, some decisions may be difficult. But always, your soul wants you to be happy. So when signs of spiritual awakening come into your life… notice them. And follow.

I hope you enjoyed these 4 signs of spiritual awakening...

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