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How to open your intuition in 8 simple steps (for logical types)

Here's how to open your intuition - even if you're logical most of the time! I hope you find this short article on a massive (and powerful!) topic helpful.

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself.”
– Alan Alda
An intuition definition for seekers

Intuition is our capacity to understand something instantly without reason. It's a deep knowing, a truth that comes from inside. If you follow these steps on how to open your intuition consistently over time – you will become more intuitive. You will also trust yourself more than you ever have.

To tap into your intuition, your mind first must get out of the way ... which for those of us who were trained to memorize facts and rely on science is no small task!

The awakening of your intuition tends to be a long-term project. The following steps are not linear. You may sail through one, and have to return to another more than once. It's all good. Keep opening...

How to open your intuition in eight simple steps

Step 1 – Check your intentions

Before learning how to open your intuition, check your intentions. You are tapping into your higher self. So if you seek intuition to manipulate others, this will backfire. Make sure you know why you want to increase your intuition. Is it to feel more engaged in life, more connected with your soul? Is it to bring forward your talents and help others in some way? Well done!

Step 2 – Decide to claim your intuition – it's your birthright

Your intuition is not a skill that only some people can develop. In fact, it's not a skill at all: it's part of who you are and it's your birthright. Intuitive ability is there for you, if you want it. To activate this step, say it out loud – I now demand that my natural gift of intuition be returned to me, that it be drawn down from my soul into my life.

Step 3 – Give your mind a new job description

Does your mind talk you out of your intuitive hunches? Sometimes – me too. Instead of asking your mind to shut down, give it a new job! Here's what I mean.

For your entire life, you've relied on your mind. You've been taught that certain things are true, and others (that you can't touch) are not. Your mind has been nurtured and worshipped – no wonder it's rebelling when you tell it to back off!

Instead of asking your mind to move aside for your intuition, ask for its help discerning and practically applying your intuitive hunches. Your mind and intuition working together is incredibly powerful.

Step 4 – Be curious

Your intuition will break through when you're in a curious, relaxed meditative state. Everyone creates this within themself in a different way. When learning how to open your intuition, you might try beginning simply with curiosity.

Curiosity is expansive, magnetic and it keeps the mind happy. Be curious about how you feel in the presence of what you know to be truth (in the presence of nature, for example). Be curious about serendipity. Or about what pops into your mind during meditation. Take some time alone on a lake to connect – or have a bath! Spend time with a child or with your pet. Practice open curiosity for short times daily, until it's part of you.

Step 5 – Balance sensitivity with boundary

If you're an analytical person who wants to know how to open your intuition, your biggest barrier will be your mind. Practice curiosity. If you're sensitive, you may already be picking up intuitive information, but it may be clouded by the emotions of others. If this is you, learn how to say no and establish boundaries. Wherever you begin, be patient with yourself: learning how to open your intuition doesn't happen overnight. I'm sensitive with a bit of a logical streak too and I'm still learning.

Step 6 – Keep a regular journal (interpret later)

Are you serious about learning how to open your intuition? If so, keep a journal. Choose a regular time when you're relaxed and sit quietly for at least 10 minutes. Ask a very simple question – What's up with my sister? Why am I so afraid of change? Then let it flow and write it down. Your intuition will come in symbols, images, phrases.

When you connect with your intuition, you are a bit “out of this world”. So don't read what you've written right away. Take a look the next day, or the next. Realize that it may take some to see the meaning.

David Wilcock from Divine Cosmos talks about how he's used a dream journal for over 20 years. Here's a taste – How to Access Your Higher Self.

Step 7 – Know what “prediction” really is

If you're learning how to open your intuition in order to predict, take some time to understand what prediction actually is. Predictive intuition is more about feeling into the probability of energetic timelines manifesting.

If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, take some time to find out. At any moment, there are many ways your life could unfold - and even human life itself. – Some call this multiple timelines. Because people have Free Will, every choice you make will affect which timeline manifests for you.

Personally, I don't seek predictions as I don't find them empowering.

Step 8 – Be consistent, be patient

Spiritual and psychic awakening is a long-term project. As we open, many of us are undoing decades of logical teachings, going against what many in our entire society think is “bunk”. So yes, learning how to open your intuition can feel like an uphill battle at times!

But if you're sincere, consistent and patient – you will become more sensitive to energetic shifts. Now and then you'll also get information like a lightening bolt. And when this happens – you are not a superhero – you are just drawing down from the cosmos, what's rightfully yours. And what it means to be truly human.

Did you learn some tips on how to open your intuition?

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