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Your past life quiz results

Here's how to interpret your past life quiz results.

Tally up your ‘Yes’ answers

The more ‘Yes’ answers you have, the more likely it is that your past lives are interfering in your present life (and need attention to release them).

If you answered ‘Yes’ to even ONE of the ten questions in the quiz, exploring your past lifetimes may be a helpful, healing and beneficial thing for you to do in that area.

Then take a look at this...

If one of more of the following situations apply to you, then past life work is strongly indicated:

  • Do you have no reasons in your existing life that may be the source of your intense emotions, fears or experience? I'm talking traumatic childhood, past behaviour, family patterns, genetic health conditions, like that.
  • Was the intensity of your emotional response way ‘out of proportion’ compared to the facts? Like being deeply hurt by someone whom you've only known for a few days, or feeling an out of proportional rage or fear in someone's presence, that doesn't match the facts.
  • Is the pattern repetitive?
  • When it happened, did you feel a ‘here we go again’ dread (but went into the situation anyway... as if you had no control?

If you can say ‘Yes’ to one or more of the above, then you've likely had an experience preparing you for a huge karmic insight.

And it's time for you to recall the source of your painful experience, feel it one last time, then release it for good.

The bottom line

It's just great that you're asking about your past lifetimes. Seriously, good for you! Your past life quiz results can help point you in the direction of releasing what's in the way of creating the life your soul intended.

If this topic sincerely interests you, I encourage you to read Dr. Brian Weiss' work, starting with Many Lives, Many Masters. If you're drawn to it, you may also want to seek out a past life regression therapist as well, so you can uncover the problematic past life experience and let it go once and for all.

My article on how to choose past life regression therapists includes tips on choosing a therapist and some specific recommendations to people I know personally.

Thanks for exploring your past life quiz results!

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