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Your North Node in the Tenth House

Karma: Reliance on family
Soul mission: Your role in society

North Node in the tenth house is your life purpose and soul mission, according to karmic astrology. The tenth house symbolizes the AREAS of LIFE and LIFE ISSUES to explore throughout your life.

Karmic astrology is a spiritual approach to astrology. I've created THREE STEPS to living your life purpose, outlined below.

If you want to go deeper, book a private karmic astrology session with me. I work with people who sincerely want to live a life with purpose, awakening their heart and working with their soul instead of struggling against it.

Step one: Appreciate your fourth house savvy

Stand firm on your emotional foundations and create security for your family (this comes naturally to you).

The first step in claiming your North Node in the tenth house is to embody the highest expression of the fourth house (opposite to the tenth). The fourth house represents your karmic past. So definitely appreciate — but! Don't make fourth house issues the centre of your life.

So celebrate your understanding of home, tradition and family and your ability to create a home that is nurturing. Claim your understanding of early childhood experiences, your emotional foundations. Are you close to your mom? The 4th house also includes your primary care-giving parent (most often mom) as well as the karmic reasons we chose our parents.

Study the fourth house to understand its highest potential, and choose to live that, holding these life issues ever so lightly.

To live a life with purpose: this is your first step.

Step two: Own your fourth house karma

Careful of moodiness, codependence, using family as an excuse and clinging to the past.

With a North Node in the tenth house, your karma is often played out in the public eye. Your karma stems from your lifetimes taking family for granted, so in this lifetime family or emotional demands may be heavy in order to balance this. In this lifetime, you are to willingly accept family responsibility (if this arises for you) and then find the inner strength to offer your gifts to the world.

In past lifetimes, you defined yourself, based on your family. You may have been a dependent wife, a son who couldn't stand on their own or you may have been someone who didn’t appreciate the family that they had. You might have been an overly emotional woman who allowed others to rescue her. Have you been (or attracted) emotional, depressed, child-like people in your life? Or do these types of people make you crazy? There’s your clue!

The painful experiences you create that force you to take on more responsibility and show you the dark side of dependence, and hanging on to the past are clues your soul has created to show you where you’ve been.

The shadow side of the fourth house has to do with allowing emotionalism to control you, and a reliance on family, instead of finding strength out in the world. Funny thing, when you willingly do this, you’ll be on the way to fulfilling achievement.

Step three: Explore tenth house life issues

Meet family responsibility if you have it. Love your home. Then focus on career achievement and legacy.

North Node in the tenth house will urge you explore life issues including those of your career, reputation and role in society. It’s how you achieve out in the world, and it includes a role that’s often publicly visible. It may include issues around your father (though it could relate to your mother if her energy is masculine).

No matter how foreign this sounds to you, these are the life issues to explore over the course of your lifetime. A North Node in the tenth house is public in nature, and requires impeccable integrity, a business-like attitude and skill at using material resources. You may be conservative, traditional, economical and great at managing money. With this soul mission, you are to channel your deep emotional foundations, into supporting your family first, then offering support to others.

In past fourth house lifetimes, you have created deep emotional foundations, and established your relationship with and role in family life. A 10th house soul mission asks you to take care of anything undone at home, and then step outside the nest:

  • First, as father to yourself
  • Then (possibly) as father to another
  • Finally, as the universal father who offers wisdom, support and shelter for the children of this earth who need it.

Embody the essence of your soul mission sign as you step out into the world, expressing honour and tradition: this is the key.

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