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Your North Node in the Seventh House

Karma: Reliance on self
Soul mission: True partnership

North Node in the seventh house is your life purpose and soul mission, according to karmic astrology. The seventh house symbolizes the AREAS of LIFE and LIFE ISSUES to explore throughout your life.

Karmic astrology is a spiritual approach to astrology. I've created THREE STEPS to living your life purpose, outlined below.

If you want to go deeper, book a private karmic astrology session with me. I work with people who sincerely want to live a life with purpose, awakening their heart and working with their soul instead of struggling against it.

Step one: Appreciate your first house savvy

You have many past life experiences focusing on your Self, your appearance, and your outer personality sometimes at the expense of relationship.

The first step in claiming your North Node in the seventh house is to embody the highest expression of the first house (opposite to the seventh). The first house represents your karmic past. So definitely appreciate — but! Don't make first house issues the centre of your life.

Celebrate your self-awareness and your ability to know what you need. Enjoy your unique ability to adapt your style to the situation (you can be taken anywhere). Enjoy time alone… needing no one but yourself. Be independent, and take risks when you have a hunch. Enjoy spontaneity, and lead the charge.

Study the first house to understand its highest potential, and choose to live that, holding this area of life ever so lightly.

To live a life with purpose: this is your first step.

Step two: Own your first house karma

Experienced divorce? A falling out of a business partnership? Loved ones turning to enemies? Court battles? These could be karmic.

With a North Node in the seventh house, your karma stems from pursuing Self (Me), at the expense of others (We). It also involves life issues around the facades you create out in the world. So personality clashes and issues around appearances vs. reality, your health and early childhood are common.

In past lifetimes, you might have been a warrior, an adventurer, a pioneer or a Native American. Perhaps you were a woman or man who wore so many facades, it destroyed their relationships. You might have also had a traumatic childhood experience, which spurred you to become self-aware and understand your personality and behaviors at a deep level.

Have you ever adjusted your personality, depending on who you’re with? Have lovers accused you of having a wall around your heart? Have you had a health wake up call, or been compelled to understand a dramatic early childhood experience as an adult? There’s your clue!

The shadow side of the first house has to do with a focus on Self, rather than giving your whole heart in relationships and empowering others.

Step three: Explore seventh house life issues

Transfer your innate strength to others who need it more. Focus on ‘We’ instead of ‘Me’. Develop kindness and understanding.

With a North Node in the seventh house, explore life issues including face-to-face relationships, marriage partners, grandparents, and business partnerships. It explores what relationships mean to you, as well as the karmic aspects of relating.

No matter how foreign this sounds to you, these are the life issues to explore over the course of your lifetime. Questions around marriage (divorce), relationships (enemies), negotiation, harmony and diplomacy are included here, as well the court system and the public eye. It also encompasses what we see about ourselves in others (i.e. projections), and what you most lack in self.

Have you attracted situations, which require you to be strong for another? Don’t shy away from this, it’s a seventh house opportunity. And this may be how your soulmate notices you, or how you stumble into your perfect career. Whether the situation is a marriage or business partnership, learn how to live harmoniously and fairly, as equals.

A North Node in the seventh house is sometimes revealed in the midst of a difficult relationship that calls you put others needs before your own. If this happens, the key is to know that in this lifetime, your needs won’t be met until you give selflessly to another. Don’t rescue others. Don’t cut them off. Empower them. Listen. Help them to discover their own strength.

The good news is that with a North Node in the seventh house, manifesting a true, balanced partnership is a central part of your path.

Embody the essence of your soul mission sign as your see through another's eyes: this is the key.

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