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Your North Node in Sagittarius


Life theme: “I understand”
Soul colour: Purple

North Node in Sagittarius is your life purpose and soul mission, according to karmic astrology. Sagittarius symbolizes the EMOTIONAL RESPONSES, ATTITUDES and ENERGY to adopt throughout your life.

Karmic astrology is a spiritual approach to astrology. I've created THREE STEPS to living your life purpose, outlined below.

If you want to go deeper, book a private karmic astrology session with me. I work with people who sincerely want to live a life with purpose, awakening their heart and working with their soul instead of struggling against it.

Step one: Appreciate your Gemini talents

Curiosity, articulating clearly, and networking is natural for you.

The first step in claiming your North Node in Sagittarius is to embody the highest expression of Gemini (opposite to Sagittarius). Gemini represents your karmic past. So definitely appreciate — but! Don't make your Gemini qualities the centre of your life.

Celebrate your curiosity, your flexibility, your inventiveness and gift for gab. Enjoy your intellectual side, love of sophisticated, urban environments and ability to communicate facts and ideas in a pinpoint manner. Write, speak, love literature and great books. Appreciate the voice you’ve been given.

Study Gemini to understand its highest potential, and choose to live that, holding Gemini ever so lightly.

To live a life with purpose: this is your first step.

Step two: Own your Gemini karma

Careful of duplicity, gossip, and not seeing the forest for the trees.

With a North Node in Sagittarius, your karma is around how you’ve used (and twisted) words and facts to suit you. There’s also karma around relationships. If you’ve experienced the pain of infidelity, or been involved in a love triangle of some kind, this is a clue to who you’ve been. In this lifetime, you are to stop enmeshing with others, and discover your own truth. You’re here to learn the true meaning of commitment, which starts with committing to yourself.

In past lifetimes, you may have been a journalist, a salesman, a novelist or a lecturer. You may have been someone whose duplicity and fear of commitment lead to infidelity, or someone who lied or gossiped, causing harm. Have you created (or have strong feelings about) people who gossip or say one thing and do another? Or slick salesmen? There’s your clue!

The shadow side of Gemini has to do with an overdeveloped need for other people to validate your existence, and not claiming light of truth within yourself.

Step three: Step into your Sagittarius soul mission

Discover your true self. Love nature. Wear purple (your soul colour).

Sagittarius is philosophical and values animals and nature (are you drawn to horses? Perfect!). It is the eternal optimist, and with this soul mission, you are to focus on the forest, not the trees. Sagittarius knows what it believes and has an abiding trust that lights the way within. When asked – Sagittarius don’t adapt to its audience – it speaks its truth.

No matter how foreign this sounds to you, this is the energy to step into over the course of your lifetime. In past Gemini lifetimes, you fully developed your ability to adapt your message to your audience. A North Node in Sagittarius soul mission pulls you away from the distractions of other people, and asks to claim your own meaning of life. Then, with your heart clear and firm, teach your newfound insights and knowledge to others (not the other way around).

With a North Node in Sagittarius, traveling, spending time in nature (riding horses?), or practicing a religious or spiritual faith is a great way to set the stage for manifestation. In a relationship, resist the temptation to tell your sweetie what they want to hear. Above all - have fun together! Because Sagittarius is also an excellent friend.

Take a philosophy course. Speak your truth. Have fun. Publish your ideas. Cool thing. Your soulmate partner will bring out your philosophical side and help you form what you stand for - and will also love your quick intellect as well.

The house where your Sagittarius soul mission expresses itself, is the area of life where you are to be free from others’ opinions, and discover your own truth.

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